Decorating Your Dining Room and Kitchen


Following are few tips to decorate your dining area in easy and simple ways:

  • Dining room is the place to relax gossip and have food with your family after the whole days work. It is the place which should be decorated in such a way that it brings in a welcoming atmosphere. In order to decorate your dining room first thing that should be considered is the wall art. Hang a beautiful wall art on the wall which suit with the style of your dining room. You can hang a painting or a beautiful landscape on the wall. It can also be a blossom flower photograph or a photograph of an adventure. Before hanging any wall art it is advised to take measure of the wall. Plan out as of what size of picture will best suit your dining wall. Also check out as of which wall art will actually go along with the interior style of your room. If the interiors are of country style then a beautiful landscape would be the best choice to go ahead with.  It is recommended to frame the wall art in silver or gold patterns.
  • Install an open shelf in the room where you can place other accessories. You can also use to place crockery or vases in the shelf for a display.  You can also have a shelf covered with transparent glass. This would resist the shelf from dust and dirt and would keep you away from day to day headache of cleaning it.
  • Hang mirrors on the wall. Mirrors play a very important role especially when you have a small dining room. It helps in creating an illusion and makes the room look bigger. It also pleases the eyes. Frame the mirror with the pattern which best suit with your other decor. You can either place a large mirror or small pieces of mirrors to decorate your room.
  • Place cushions to add a comfort while seating. There are wide ranges of materials available in the market. Select the style and the pattern that best suit the place. These cushions also give the feeling of luxury.
  • Place centerpieces on your dining table. Centerpieces add luxury to the table and create a warm and calm look. Keep in mind to leave some place between the wall and dining table. You can also hang a chandelier right above your table. Chandelier is very popular among people currently. Make sure that the chandelier is not too tall as it can interfere the setting of the room.
  • You can create a cupboard to display your best collection in crockery. You can also place children’s games, toys and other decorative pieces.
  • Place a basket weaved with bamboo or a bronze fruit bowl with fruits and vegetable in the center of your dining table to give your table a pleasant look. You can also place designer candles on the table which you can lit up while having a romantic dinner with your partner.
  • Hang pendant lighting in the dining area to give a dramatic look. These act as a focal point and draws attention of guests during the day as well as night.
  • Color the walls with light shades like white, light pink or sky blue color to create a calm and cool atmosphere. If your dining space is adjacent to your living room then it is suggested to use the same color in your dining space which you used in the living room.
  • Photo shelf can be hung in various ways to decorate a dining room. You can get your photographs framed and can place them in the photo shelf. You can hang it over the wall behind the sofa or on side table. The photo arrangement in the shelf can be framed in various sizes and patterns.
  • Bring in fresh green plants in your room to give a fresh and nature look.
  • Last but very essential item, the dining table and chair without which the dining room is incomplete. Place the dining table of your choice. If you want to give a traditional look and want to place table in the kitchen, then a solid wood top would be a great idea whereas to create a modern look, granite topped glass with contrasts chairs would be a best combination. Large dining rooms would require a table with definitive shapes, styles and materials.

Decorate your kitchen with following simple tips and ideas:

  • Paint the wall with light shades like white blue or light green shades of color. Turquoise can be a wise decision to use in kitchens. As the color builds a cool and calm atmosphere, you can cook freely with your cool mind. It also helps in making your kitchen look spacious. You can also paint the walls with light green shades with tint of yellow to give your kitchen a fresh look.
  • You can also apply wallpaper instead of painting the walls. You can paste wallpaper featuring fruits, animals, or adventure.
  • You can decorate your kitchen with accessories like plates, flower vases, vegetable basket, cups, a tea pot, glassware or a fruit bowl.
  • Kitchen goes incomplete if there is no wall clock. The wall clock is essential in the kitchen to keep the track on time while cooking. It also creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. Your kitchen decor can be of Modern, Retro, country and Art Decor.
  • Use plants for decorating kitchen along with green furniture or walls. This would on the whole set up an appealing atmosphere to it.
  • Decorate your kitchen with green plants in the corners. It would not only give an Eco friendly environment but would also give a fresh look to the kitchen. Green herbs on the windows would add a beautiful look to the interiors.
  • Use stylish faucets and sinks to create a sophisticated interior.
  • Place a stool or a chair at the corner of your kitchen.
  • Place accessories like spoon stand or tea pots and crockery as per the theme chosen to decorate your kitchen.

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