Bathrooms should be located in North or North-West portion of the house. Wrong direction of the bathroom can lead to health and financial problems. Avoid South, South-East and South-West direction for bathrooms. South sided bathroom can cause adverse effects on the health of female members.

The ideal place for a toilet is West or North West because this will enable the infra red rays from the sun to act as a disinfectant. To avoid the bad influence of the toilet/bathroom, it should be located in the North West corner of the master bedroom that is the western part of the house. The seat of the WC should be placed in such a manner that the user faces North or South. Avoid constructing a bathroom adjacent to Pooja Room, kitchen and under the stairs.

  • Geyser, water heaters, boilers, switchboard and other similar electrical equipments should be installed in south-east corner of bathroom.
  • Wash basin, taps and showers should be in the north direction. Placing bath tubs in east, west or north-east direction is good. The North is a good direction for vanity mirror.
  • Water closet should be placed in the West and the South direction of the toilet. A water closet should be placed near a window or an outer wall.
  • Exhaust fans are necessary if there is no other source of ventilation in the bathroom. The slope of bathroom floor should be in the North. It should not be in south-west or south-east direction.
  • Septic tank should be in northwest of the house. It should not be in south-east, north-east, north or east directions. The tank should be higher than floor level of the building.
  • The door of bathroom should be in North or East direction. It should not be placed in south-west direction. In a bathroom there should be a small and airy window either in East, West or North direction. If the window is in south direction, it would have adverse effects on health.
  • Keep the color of the bathroom tiles either white, sky blue or light blue. It helps in giving a fresh look to bathroom. Avoid dark colors like black or red.

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