Recliner chair is a comfortable stretcher where you relax and stretch your body at the end of a stressful day. It is form of armchair where an occupant can lower or slides its back. Whereas, the footrest in an armchair provides two types, either they can be extended automatically when the back is reclined or some armchairs also have an option where in a lever is available at the side of the chair and is used to extend the footrest. It also provides an excellent support on each side of the arms and as per the requirement it can also be used at different angle to suit once choice and comfort. Though slide back chairs are cheaper but while looking for long term durable recliner, a lever chair can be the best option. Apart from automatically slide back chair and a lever adjusted chair, there is massage as well as electric recliner chairs available in the market.

Choosing a recliner chair for home

Few points should be kept in mind before choosing a recliner chair or making a purchase.

  • A good recliner chair should have proper head and neck support. A cushioned recliner chair can be a best option to support your back, head and neck.
  • There should not be a large gap between the extended footrest and the chair, as it can cause injury to little kids and pets by getting caught in that space.
  • Before making a purchase try to check the recliner by sliding it several times for a smooth movement of back support and foot rest. Also notice that there should not be any noise while making the movements.
  • In recent times, a array of recliner chairs are available in the market varying from vinyl chairs, synthetic chairs to leather chairs. Leather chairs are the most expensive but most durable among other options available.
  • Always look for a high quality recliner chair from a branded company‚Äôs outlet otherwise you may get cheated with low quality stuff at a higher price.
  • Before making the final choices try to consult your family and friends who are using or have used recliners before for making better a choice through comparison.
  • Several sites are also available online which also helps you in comparing different types of recliners in terms of durability, comfort, quality and price.


  1. With something like a reclining chair, it’s important to actually see/sit in it in person before buying. While shopping online is great, furniture is one of those purchases you’re going to be with for a long time. You want to make sure it’s comfortable!

  2. I need one of these recliner chairs for the elderly to help me stand up from a seated position. I don’t have the strength in my arms and with arthritis in the knees, any extra pressure is very painful. These points are very helpful towards my decision. Thank you.

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