To go for a new kitchen doors it is important to consider the overall furnishing of the kitchen and as far as possible, the styling of the new doors should go with the color of white goods in the kitchen like the fridge, microwave. The doors should also complement the material used and the color of the platform. There are various options available in the market however, the most commonly used are:


Wood is the most preferred material for kitchens doors to give a traditional and royal theme. Wood provides a number of alternatives to choose from like wood veneers or solid wood. Good quality of wood is expensive. Wooden doors are susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Wood comes as varnished, waxed, glossy and painted. Veneers on the other hand are cheaper as compared to solid wood and are not easily affected by change in humidity and temperature. As compared to wood, Veneers are more uniform in shades and are mostly thinly cut to cover the surface.


Laminate doors come in many different colors and variety as compared to wooden doors. There are plethora of options available in laminate doors and can be used depending on the overall theme of the kitchen. For example, for softer feel, soft colors and Mattie finishing laminate can be used. Shiny colors may be used for more bold fronts and elegant kitchens. The major advantage of laminate door is that they require no maintenance. They are robust and can maintain the new look without much wear and tear for longer period of time. Water and soap solution is sufficient to clean laminate doors.


Choosing New Kitchen Doors
The design, color and style of the doors will have the biggest impact on the whole look of your new kitchen.

Glass is a common alternative to Wood and laminate. Glass is available in two varieties, plane glass and translucent or fostered glass. Plane glass is generally used as an alternative when the object kept behind a glass needs to be displayed. Fostered glass on the other hand is used to give concealed appearance. Glass doors are easy to maintain and most versatile and can go along with both modern and traditional themes.


One good alternative to wood and glass is Stainless steel. Steel per say gives a cold look but combined with warm shades of color or wood, looks can be varied depending on the theme of the kitchen. Steel doors are very durable and can be cleaned easily. Though steel doors are expensive, they can complement the any theme of kitchen from shiny to matured warm.

A door should be coupled with matching door knobs. Door knobs become an important component of door as a whole. They are mostly used in contrast to the door color and proper door knob can highlight the overall color of the door. Laminate doors generally have same color door knobs as compared to metallic door knobs used in Wood and Glass. Wooden door knobs go great with steel doors. Door knobs should be cleaned regularly as due to constant use they tend to wither first. With proper door knobs and right material, the kitchen doors can become the high spot of kitchen decor.

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