Nowadays, selecting carpet for high floors or tile is a popular choice for homeowners. People like to use carpets because of the wide range of textures, colors, and designs available. Not like hardwood flooring and tile, carpet reduces noise levels from the floor which is more comfortable to walk on, and offers great insulation from drafts.

Carpet can be said as one of the key decorative elements of the house. By using carpet, homeowner can create a relaxed atmosphere and also enhance furnishings of the home. By deciding usage and traffic, you could easily get color and construct your required carpet. For a bedroom and formal living room, a smooth and luxurious carpet would be a smart choice. A densely constructed and a trackless cut pile, or hand made carpet would be best for family room or entryway which is full with lot of traffic.  You can keep below points in your mind while selecting a proper carpet,

Decide the area of the carpet

While choosing a carpet, you should think of the location where you would like to place this carpet. Before buying a carpet, you should think about traffic of the area, moisture of the area, etc. If you are buying this carpet for high-traffic areas like, living room or hallways then it is better to get a high grade carpet which can endure the wear. If your children used to play on the floor, a cut pile carpet is best in regular as it feels soft to touch. Because of moisture and liquid spills, most of the places in the house like, bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms are usually poor places for carpet.

Carpet should be suitable for a family

You should be practical at the time of buying carpet for your home. If you have soft and luxurious white carpet extended from one wall to other wall of your home, possibly sounds nice but it is not a good idea, if you have pets or kids roaming in your home. That doesn’t mean you should live with ugly, rough carpet. You can find special carpet for such situations. You can find plenty of different kinds of carpets in the market to overcome from such situations. In this situation, polyester or nylon carpet would be best for you. In some of the situations, you can select stain resistant carpet to minimize the risk of permanent stain.

Foot traffic should be considered

Before selecting one single type of carpet, you should think the place where you wish to place a carpet in your home.  If it is a famous area which acquires lots of foot traffic probably do not select olefin as it is famous for magnetizing dirt. A part from that, you should go with high density carpet as it is unlikely to turn into threadbare. You can choose wool which would prove one of the most luxurious types of carpet out there with one more benefit of selecting wool as it is durable enough for areas which get lots of traffic.

Select the proper colors

You should choose a carpet which matches the current colors of your rooms. Like, if you have bright color on your walls, it’s good to go for neutral shades for the carpet. Your carpet should match your walls as opposed to fighting for notice. It is quite possible that you might be excited to choose carpet according to your existing furniture. If you have least chance of shifting your home in the next some years or so, you should always go for a neutral color. Nothing can be more complicated than marketing a house with carpeting that has unusual color. Always keep this kind of possibilities in your mind before you start carpeting your home.

Pick the correct fibers for carpet

Most of the people believe that selecting dark-colored or dark-patterned carpets can help in covering dirt. Carpet fibers are more important than the carpet color or design. Like, most of the people choose nylon because it is durable and fiber which is used in the carpet lasts longer than others, but, it is expensive. Some people also consider wool, particularly for luxury carpets. Wool have famous resiliency and is naturally glow retardant, while wool is more difficult to keep clean.

Choose the right designed carpet

Sometimes, a design may help in hiding the unfortunate drops which have resisted cleaning and also cover effects of use such as, flattening and shading. You should keep pattern in your mind like, large scale patterns lean to create a room look smaller in size. While small scale patterns make the illusion that the room is bigger then actually it is.

Pick a carpet you have time to care for

You should select your carpet very carefully as it is hand crafted products. The life of your carpet depends on how carefully you maintain it. You should not select a carpet which requires more care and work then you can give to it. Every sellers and carpet makers have instructions available for care, so before buying it, make sure you check that information. By proper cleaning and maintenance, you can help in protecting your carpet’s look and life. It is advisable to vacuum your floor every time, before you use your carpet.

Selection of the right material

You will find a broad array of options out there while it comes to carpeting material. You will find number of carpeting materials until you end up with selection. However, most people pick for one of the materials from below four such as wool, olefin, polyester, or nylon.

Wool: Wool is a soft, flexible, long-lasting and prevents moisture material. It is also the most expensive material.

Olefin: It is a material which can not be used in a family room, living room as it has a rough surface.

Polyester: Polyester is not usable in high traffic areas

Nylon: Most of the qualities can be found in nylon material that is a requirement of a family such as durability, stain resistance, and comfort.

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  1. Carpets come in all kinds of patterns. Some of them have a very distinct pattern, using different colors to achieve the finished effect. Others have a more subtle pattern, using different shades of the same color. Still more create patterns by cutting the pile of the carpet to different lengths. So you have to consider all of these possibilities, as well as thinking about whether a plain carpet would be the best choice for the room you are re-carpeting.

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