Choosing a Ceiling Color

Ceiling and Colors

There are many ways to alter the perception of the height of a room.Ceiling have traditionally been painted white to create an illusion of more height.However, if you do not want more height, then consider painting the ceiling a darker color.Always paint the ceiling before the walls.If you paint the walls first, it is extremely hard to keep ceiling drips and splatters off of the wall surface.

In a kids room, it is a nice touch to paint the ceiling in a deeper color.This will make the ceiling seem lower and the room will be a more intimate space for a child.Consider painting a faux sky or cloud effect on one of your ceilings.This paint technique is especially nice in bathrooms and bedrooms.

If you have a low ceiling you would like to visually lift, paint the wall from floor to ceiling in one color.If there is a chair rail or dado, use the same color or pattern on the wall above and below moldings and paint the chair rail in a color close to the wall color.If there is large crown molding, you can paint or stain it the same color as the wall which will also make the room appear to have more height.

Ceiling Colors for Colored Walls

While white is popular because of its neutrality, it is not the best color for a ceiling. White can make a ceiling appear closer in a room with a low ceiling, yet will also make a ceiling seem farther away in rooms with high ceilings. Whenever possible, try to add some color to your ceiling.

A simple way to do this is to use a shade of the wall color. The perfect hue can be created by mixing one part of the wall’s paint with two or three parts pure white. Moldings can be painted the same color or a shade darker than the ceilings. By using shades of the same color, you will ensure that all the tones look good together.

Ceiling Colors for White Walls

Even if your walls are white, this does not mean your ceilings have to be white. Color on the ceiling will give a room dimension and flair. Using soft hues will make the room open up because they evoke feelings of the outdoors. It can be sky blue, sunset peach, or sunlight yellow. If you want to bring the ceiling down, consider painting it a dark color such as navy, chocolate, or charcoal.

Ceiling Colors for Dark Rooms

If you have a dark room, consider painting the ceiling with a high-gloss finish that will amplify the room’s available light. This can be tricky because high-gloss paint will highlight any flaws in the surface. In small spaces, such as an entryway, a mirror can be installed on the ceiling. It will add height and light to the small space.

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