Renovating Home with Feng Shui

Planning to renovate your home? Feng Shui can be a good guide when performing renovation for your house.

Feng Shui is an ancient method of building and optimizing residences to bring out about happiness, abundance and harmony.

  • Create a spacious house. Take away any unimportant things that are currently sitting in your home. Always focus on space.
  • When painting the house, one should choose neutral relaxing colors and should not go for gaudy colors. Feature walls looks good at times, but does not go well with all.
  • In drawing room, light colored carpets with simple patterns should be used, as they look good and make the area look more spacious.
  • Make seating arrangements such that no one has their back on the door.
  • The appearance of the outer room should look spacious and it should be painted with relaxing colors, as outer room carries the flow of entire home.
  • If there is a garden at home, then people should make sure that the window of the rooms should face the garden.
  • When windows of the rooms are kept open, people should be able to see the clear view of the garden.
  • Kitchen should look spacious and the washbasin must be kept away from the burner stove.
  • Kitchen should have good air circulation and ample amount of sunlight should enter the kitchen and also Flat places of kitchen should be open and not closed.
  • Kitchen should be kept neat and tidy, as it provides a more comfy environment for the people to work in.
  • The living room should not include too much of furnishings and people should try to incorporate a limited furniture only. This not only allows to have extra space for the foot traffic, but also helps to enhance the positive energy inside.
  • Keeping plants inside the room is good way, as they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This keeps the air fresh inside the room and gives way to a lot of good energy.
  • Light is an crucial factor in pumping energy into your house. Let natural light come through your windows. Avoid using heavy and dark shade curtains.
  • Another means to increase the lighting inside your house is to add mirrors. Mirrors make your house appears spacious.
  • When positioning your bed always angle it such that your feet are not pointing into the door. This said to be a “death position” that is why according to Chinese belief, you need to avoid it. It is also best if the bed is symmetrical with nightstands and lamps.
  • Make sure that your bed has a headboard. A headboard plays as a support for one’s life.
  • Bedroom should have large windows, but people must try to keep the windows opened for a longer duration so that fresh air and light can get in and make the environment pleasant for the family members.
  • Refrain from positioning heavy beams or heavy light fixtures over the bed.
  • Bedroom should be well lit and all the dark corners must be brightened up. If in case, any dark corner is left in the room, people should try to use lamp shades and other lighting options for making the area look brighter. This helps the place to look more neat and elegant. Making the bedroom warm and cozy can help to bring more love into the life.
  • A fountain at an appropriate place as per Feng Shui facilitates in enhancing the positive energy and improves the over look of the space.
  • Hanging appropriate Feng Shui paintings at designated places and directions also improves the appearance of the entire space and encourages positive energy flow in the home.
  • Toilets and Bathrooms should be built away from the kitchens and other part of the home.
  • If you have your personal bath room, make sure that you cannot view it from the bed. You can use decorative screen to cover it if it is impossible to position your bed without seeing it.
  • The tiles in bathrooms must be of good quality and color that does not keep the water stagnant. Toilets should be kept dry and clean that can please the guests and every person who uses t it. Furthermore, the toilet doors should also be in a good condition and must be kept close most of the time.

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