Tips on Room Arrangement

Any room looks good only when things are kept in an organized manner. Deciding where certain furniture goes in a room and what goes with what, where and how can be an incredibly hard job. Placing a right set of furniture, and right set of other elements is important while creating a well organized room. If your rooms are small then it is only with the arrangement of right things at the right place you can make your room look more spacious and bigger.

Here are certain tips which you can implement for arranging your room in a well organized manner:

Take Measurements

The first and the foremost thing you should keep the note of is the measurement of the room. It is advised to take the dimensions of the room which you want to remodel or redesign. Keep the note of height, length and breadth of the room. You can use the measurement tape to measure the room. These measurements would help you in purchasing furniture. Also check the size of the doors, windows and the fireplace as this would also help you in placing the right size of furniture at the right place. You would also be able to judge the actual space available for keeping the furniture in the room.

Keep first large pieces in the room

Make the note of furniture you wish to keep in the room. It is advised to first keep the large pieces of furniture like sofa sets, table etc. If there is a dining room attached then you should also make a note of a dining table and the chair. These large pieces act as a focal point in the room. They remain the main attraction. Very large pieces in a room can overcrowd the room and can make the room smaller therefore it is advised to choose only that furniture which can be fit within the dimensions of the room. Also keep in mind that there should be sufficient place for family members or guests to move within the room.

Arrange those pieces that relate to the main pieces

The next step is to arrange only those pieces that relate to the main pieces placed in the room. As these pieces enhances the look of the room it is important to first make a layout before placing such pieces. Consider if you have sufficient place to keep a television or a bookshelf in the room. Also make sure whether there is place to crockery and other necessary items. It is also advised to measure whether there is sufficient place for seating. If it is a living room keep a track as of how many guests visit your home on normal occasions. You can also keep a pair of upholstered chairs for occasional purposes.

Create an area for secondary use

Increase the functionality of your room by creating a small area for the secondary use. You can create a reading room in your bedroom or in your living room in a minimum place available in your home. Place a multipurpose table in the room which can be used occasionally. You can also have a fold-able table attached to the room wall which you can fold when it is not in use. Create cabinets in your room so that you can keep decorative items like framed photographs or candles to decorate your room.

Keep the accessories where it suits the best

Place the accessories to decorate the room. Make sure choose only those accessories which actually suit the room decor. Also keep in mind the lighting of the room. Lighting plays a very important role in creating a warming look and affects ones mood. One should also keep in mind that the style of lighting varies from room to room depending on the room’s functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to choose right type of lighting within a particular room. For example, in kitchen, bright lighting becomes necessary to illuminate or highlight key areas like work place for cooking and cabinets whereas the sections like bedroom and dining room, a dim lighting becomes important as these places are mainly used for relaxing. These lights would create a soothing environment within the room. Lighting options like bed side lamps, dim light pendants are commonly used styles in these places to create relax modes.

The room should not be overcrowded

Keep in mind that the room should not become overcrowded with too large furniture and other pieces of furniture like side tables and upholstered chairs. Under scaled furniture could reverse the effect and could result to unfurnished look. Design your room in such a way so that it can reflect your standard of living. The room should be comfortable for the family members and friends.

Figuring out where certain furniture goes in a room can be incredibly hard. Deciding what goes with what, where, and how

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