Top Bathroom Shower Designs

Aquatower 3000Aquatower 3000 features four multi-jet body sprays, with 24 separate jets for an extra large spray pattern. With GROHE DreamSpray® inside, the multi-function shower head offers a choice of sprays – perfect for an invigorating shower in the morning or a relaxing one at the end of the day. The best-selling Relexa Plus hand shower provides a choice of spray patterns, while the inclusion of a thermostatic temperature control valve offers maximum comfort and safety.

Taking a shower has never been as exciting as with the GROHE Freehander® Shower. A revolution in shower design, the GROHE Freehander® Shower gives new meaning to the total shower concept. With its various spray settings and showerhead functions, it fulfills all shower needs.
The GROHE Freehander® Shower is an innovation in shower technology. Its unique pivoting arm with two showerheads lets you switch easily from head shower to side shower. On top of that, the GROHE Freehander® Shower lets you rotate and adjust the showerheads for the perfect setting for your shower needs.Fitted with GROHE DreamSpray® technology, the GROHE Freehander® Shower gives you a choice of two different spray settings: Normal, for a quick refreshing shower or just to relax; and Massage, to revitalize exhausted muscles after a good exercise session. What’s more, the Stop and Eco functions are valuable features when it comes to keeping your shower environmentally sustainable as they help save valuable resources and power.With the GROHE Freehander® Shower, your bathroom will reach new levels of luxury and technology.

With its versatile, ergonomic design and a choice of up to five luxurious spray patterns, the Movario hand shower brings all the benefits of a spa to the convenience of your bathroom. Thanks to its 360º RotaHead, Movario can also be used as a shower head or body spray for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Featuring GROHE DreamSpray® technology, the Normal spray gives a full-bodied effect for a refreshing blast while the Champagne spray is a soft, aerated option with millions of tiny air bubbles for a gentle spritz. Jet spray is a vigorous pattern that stimulates the skin; for a more intense experience the Massage spray is a must. Even better – Rain spray will envelop your body with a soft caressing motion.The Movario shower head turns your daily shower into an extraordinary experience. Movario shower heads are available with all of the same spray pattern options as Movario hand showers and both feature GROHE’s patented SpeedClean® anti-lime system as well.To complete the “perfect” shower environment, Movario body sprays offer “all-over” water coverage in two models: the Massage version features a wide normal spray and a relaxing massage, pulsating spray; the Dual version features the same wide spray and a water-conserving “eco” setting.
RelexaRelexa showers are popular classics which have set standards in terms of showering comfort and convenience. No matter which model you choose from the extensive Relexa range, you can be sure of getting excellent quality, reliable functionality and long lasting showering fun with GROHE DreamSpray®  technology. Whether you feel like freshening up, relaxing your tired muscles or simply enjoying yourself, Relexa Five will deliver. Simply choose the Normal spray, the Rain spray, the vigorous Jet, the pulsating Massage or the gentle Champagne spray.
SenaMinimalism is all about paring something back to its purest form and that’s just what we did to create Sena – a pure, slender shower, designed for those who believe less is more. The alluring, cylindrical design offers a Normal spray that’s both relaxing and invigorating. And even though this is our simplest design in terms of detailing it’s still packed with our GROHE DreamSpray® technology and is a stunning example of our GROHE StarLight® finish. This sleek, functional column is the magic wand of showers.
TempestaTempesta, our 100mm diameter hand shower, delivers an extra-wide spray pattern that emulates a luxurious overhead rain shower.
The Tempesta Duo model offers two spray patterns – Rain for relaxation and Jet for an intense and stimulating shower. Or choose the Tempesta Trio, which enjoys the addition of a Massage spray setting. SpeedClean® nozzles prevent the build-up of limescale while GROHE CoolTouch® technology means it’s never too hot to handle. Incorporating the benefits of GROHE DreamSpray® technology and a shockproof wrap-around ring to minimise damage to your bath or shower tray if you drop it.
ArzoInspired by the geometric designs found in modern furniture and lighting, Arzo’s angular shape makes a bold statement in any bath. The simple clean minimalist styling is available in Chrome and Brilliance® Stainless finishes.

Fluid lines and Asian influence inspired this sleek bath collection. The Rizu Collection enhances the tranquility in the bath while the fluid lines of the design turn the room into a serene retreat.
GrailInspired by contemporary design and the feel of urban space, Grail strikes the perfect balance between form and function – and with multiple options, minimalist design has never felt so rich. Grail offers a complete suite of products for the bath, including a full line of matching accessories.
InnovationsA gentle curve and slight flare of the spout characterize the clean, modern design of the Innovations Collection. With four finishes and a complete line of accessories, Innovations is perfect as a complement to any decor.

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