Decorating Your Living Room


  • A collection of beautiful vases and bowls, each chosen for its sculptural shape, creates a serene display area.
  • A collection of different colored and textured decorative balls brings color, pattern, texture and visual interest to a coffee table.
  • Intersperse a display of books with photo frames,Books don’t have to stand upright; laying some on their sides breaks up the rows.
  • Woolen blankets in neutral colors and hand-made cushions in the corner of the sofa create a cosy spot that’s hard to resist when it’s time to relax.
  • Display found objects and ornaments on the lower shelf of a coffee table, leaving the surface free for cups and glasses.
  • Make the most of the daylight which streams through your windows and use the sill to display a collection of brightly colored glass.
  • Use translucent glass tiles as coasters, choosing them in a selection of jewel-bright shades to bring a splash of color to your side tables.
  • During the summer exchange the heavy drapes for floaty voiles, pulled back with a simple ribbon tie-back, to let the sunshine flood into the room.
  • Floor cushions make ideal extra seating.On winter nights place them so that guests can feel the welcoming warmth from the hearth.
  • Pick accessories in colors that coordinate with your decor; a mix of vases an berry red, deep brown and cream makes for a winning display.
  • Citrus shades add springtime zest to the rooms.Try putting a green runner on the table.The fruits and flowers and lime green runner creates a combination that freshens up the entire room.
  • There’s no need for formal magazine racks.A squishy sisal basket, placed close to the sofa’s edge keeps essential reading material close by.
  • Collect chinaware by style, pattern or color, such as blue and white selection, and arrange it in groups for maximum impact.
  • Create contrast with different textures.Place smooth fabrics alongside ones with heavy detailing or a rough weave, such as wool, silk and satin.
  • Placing faux animal-hide cushions on a leather chair creates a mix of textures that’s tactile and appealing.
  • Hang a group of similarly themed pictures in a vertical row to make a feature of an alcove area or to give your room the impression of height.

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