Top Bathroom Wash Basin Designs

PrismaPrisma is similar to a modern stone sculpture, it blends harmoniously soft and pointed shapes. Realized with Moon stone it’s washbasin is characterized by a triangular outline, strongly reduced upward, marked by soft vertical twists. The peculiarity of the collection is the possibility to ensure many graphic and space compositions by turning and bringing the two basins together.
OceanOcean is a sculptural washbasin which reminds the wave movement in its shape. Realized in two different sizes and colours (shiny black and shiny white) it has the distinctiveness to be easily assembled on a line or at 90┬░ edges following the wall corners. Ocean is realized in Tecnoform a shiny acrylic resin very similar to ceramic and it is resistant towards scratches and breaking.

Vela, as a soft drape blowing in the wind, it’s a minimal and modern design washbasin. Realized with Moon stone it’s characterized by a soft and curved outline, interrupted by two light asymmetric ripples on the vertical surfaces. The unique aspect of the collection is the possibility to ensure many graphic and special compositions by turning and bringing the two basins together.

Similar to an ancient Etruscan Bucchero (a typical Etruscan ceramic) scratched by a white drawing, it’s a circular washbasin of a great size with a simple and scenographic appearance. Realized with Slate (fine grained rock that is easily split into thin layers) and white Onix (semi-precious stone with alternating layers of colors. It is a bright and translucent stone with a transparent insert that detaches itself from the slate’s deep black crosses all occurring at the central outline of the washbasin.
EbanoEbano as a block of wood carved from the water, it’s a modern and sophisticated washbasin that is perfectly compatible with any bathroom. Realized in Rainwood stone it’s a washbasin with linear and squared external forms; internally the soft curvature of the hole is designed to enhance the wonderful vein of the stone that recalls for colour and form the essence of wood. The collection is integrated with over counter washbasins and concealed washbasins, shower tray and solid bathtub.
OndaLike the dynamic and incessant movement of the ocean, one that slides, grows and flows, it’s dynamic piece, with a fluid shape. It was created using multi-layer bended wood and is characterized by curved lines that are soft but defined. The wide drawer, with his asymmetrical and inclined profile, is joins perfectly into the furniture’s outline. The collection is integrated with Luce washbasin created with the same color, the chest of drawers the shelves and the back-lit mirror.
AtmosferaAtmosfera gives back to the bathroom a unique and innovative look because of it’s smooth and statuesque shape characterized by dynamic outlines that are chasing into an incessant formal game. Atmosfera is realized in multi-layer bended wood which is characterized by an extremely modern and dynamic design which alternates curved lines and asymmetrical and inclined profiles. The collection is integrated with Luce washbasin realized with the same color, the chest of drawers, the shelves and the back-lit mirror.
AryaArya is an extraordinary design of it’s kind, as it uniquely integrates in a formal sign the Faucet with the washbasin body. The shape was developed through resistant and thin light plains wrapped between them that creates a design that is highly dynamic and modern. The Arya collection, created in Corian is composed of a Faucet and washbasin, shelves system and mirror.
LuceLuce is realized with PlxEvolution┬«.It’s an washbasin with essential and minimal forms. The innovative material used has the particularity of combining transparency, lightness and color, with a very high resistance to scratches and wear.Luce washbasin is done in two colours specially to be combined with the Atmosfera and Onda Collections.

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