Facts About Colors

Colors are essential elements of our life. It is the human life which is bestowed to see and enjoy colors in this whole universe.  Colors affects in every part of our life. They affect us physiologically, physiologically and socially. They sooth and stimulate our temper.  They have the ability to provoke and calm us. In this guide we have discussed on how colors can affect the interiors of home and mood of a person. We have also discussed the effects and the tricks that a color can play on you and your home interiors.

  • If you have a small apartment and you want it to look bigger and spacious then you should always use light shades of color on the walls. This will make the room look bigger and spacious. Also keep in mind that the wall color and the floor color to some extend should be similar. For example if you have painted the walls with shades of blue color then you can place a carpet of the similar color on the floor. This will create an illusion and would make your room larger than earlier.
  • Facts about colors
    A yellow colored living room

    Always try to color the walls with light shades like white, off white, light pink or yellow. This would make the room intimate and bigger. However, dark colors make the room look smaller and congested.

  • The combination of any color with yellow and orange will make a warm atmosphere if painted on the walls. Whereas mixing of blue with other shades of color would make a cooling environment. For example: yellow with a tint of green will bring a warm feeling and shades of blue with a tint of white would create a calm and cool atmosphere in the home
  • As a person gets older, his lens of the eye yellows over the period of time and so he sees more of yellow in any color than the young person would see.
  • White is the color which gets mixed up with any color very easily. It makes the color paler. However, black color makes the other color bold and dark. For example: when combining yellow with white color will make the room appear warm and soft, but can appear bold and bright when combined with black.
  • If you want your room to look romantic then you can use light shades of blue. Paint the walls lavender or peach color. These colors are complimentary colors to skin tones. Add textiles and furniture that well suit with this color. You can decorate the room with colorful lighting.  Add candles to add grace to the room.
  • Facts about colors
    Peach Colored Room

    Though blue is the color of calmness they makes the skin tone looks pale and darker. Many decorators think that blue is also an unappetizing color. If you want to use this color in your kitchen then you can combine shades of blue with yellow or green.

  • Blue is the perfect color for bedroom. This color helps in building a soothing atmosphere.
  • Orange is one of the hottest colors however people do not prefer it much. Generally terracotta or peach are most popular among people.
  • Shades of orange or yellow color in the interiors can make the room too bright or glary. It would be appreciated if you use natural tones of these colors.
  • Try to avoid matte surfaces. These makes the floor looks darker as they do not reflect much light.

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