Feng Shui Overview

What is Feng-Sui?

How it works?

Does it benefit or not?

Should we believe it or not?

All of such simple question must be bothering you when you hear about this phenomenon. Feng Shui is an ancient science which was developed by Chinese over 3000 year ago. It is one of complex sciences that deal with art of placement. It gives the knowledge as how the energies of any place can be balanced to get good health, spirit and wealth. It is an art which balances the energies and assures good future of the people who inhabits it.

Feng shui is a phenomenon that connects man and his destiny/fate with the life aroung him. It indoctrinates how the physical environment around us works on us and affect us and how we can either by modifying it or by making ‘ourselves’ accomodative, may bring about a change in our lives. We feel comfort, happiness or relief while we are staying in a particular house, whereas living in another house may prove inauspicious. Why does all this happen? May be it happens due to the construction, layout of the house, or due to the atmosphere around it.

Necessity is the mother of invention – Man has ever been motivated by this dictum. Human race has always wished to attain that ‘unattainable’ which may urge him on to reach the pinnacles of progress. The sages in the days of yore, blessed us with the creation of many works called Holy Scriptures which were instilled with the instinct of human welfare. Our ancestors understood and followed these works in their day to day life.

Feng Shui Overview
The Ying and Yang Symbol

Every person, these days, in a bid to be lucky and prosperous, is using Feng Shui. Feng Shui by itself does not affect the fate of a man, but it is the change/reform done on the basis of Feng Shui that does the work of making a man prosperous.

What we here call Vastu is, in China, Hongkong and South-East Asia called Feng Shui. What we really mean to say is that Feng Shui is China’s oldest and the most antique science. Its history extends over about thirty thousand years. Earlier only the chinese knew this science. Later on they used it for the benefit of their Emperors. Now, that science which was a monopoly of classes has today come down the masses. This science ever since then has helped millions of people in bringing about a pleasent and happy change in their lives.

Feng means wind and Shui means water and both of these natural elements are associated with people good health and good future.  In Chinese ancient books the wind is considered as the breath of the earth and water is considered as lifeblood of space. It is termed as the life of everything that exists on earth. Feng Shui is based on understanding of nature. It is the game of wind and water. As wind and Water has huge amount of energy they can bring in positive energies to our lives. And thus Feng Shui is a technique which is currently practiced all over the world to fill and change your life with positive energies. It changes the negative energies into positive energies. It is offers variety of cures to improve your life. From the use of aquariums to the use of crystals, from colors to use of bagua, it deals with every aspect to fill your life with wealth, prosperity and happiness. It also brings in vital energies so that you can be always energetic while performing your day to day work.

Feng Shui is nothing but an art of living harmoniously with the earth. Feng Shui today has come to carve out a special place for itself in India. Today the word Feng Shui is a household word in India and is on the lips of every body and all. It is gratifying to note that many Indian citizens by adopting the Feng Shui, are leading a happy and prosperous life.

Feng Shui is not a magic or is a superstition. It is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It is a fundamental art which teaches as how the flow of energies can change one’s life. It helps us to live in peace and harmony in this environment. Feng Shui normally has huge impact on everyone’s life if seriously considered. It can affect your moods, surroundings and life style. It is a simple collection of some practical solutions which you can implement and can enjoy the positive energies. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Feng Shui by just implementing some simple and tested practical solutions. It’s not as difficult as it looks. Just by changing interior, wall colors and relocating your bedroom furniture, you can actually enjoy the positive energies of Feng Shui.

Getting started with feng shui  for home can be easy when you start with the feng shui basics and gradually move on to the more complex feng shui levels. To help you get started with good feng shui in your home, here are some helpful feng shui home steps for beginners :

  • Firstly remove the waste things including clothes, old watches which do not work, broken out furniture, broken utensils or crockery etc from your house as these can allow negative energy to enter into your house.
  • Keep your home neat and clean. All the items which cause bad odor should be eliminated or thrown out of your home.
  • If you have sharp things like knife or cutter just remove those things from your vision as they create negative thinking within one’s mind.
  • Open all doors and windows so that fresh air can enter into your home.
  • Photograph of dead people or relative should not be kept with the divinity.
  • A proper ventilation system is must in your house.
  • There should be no leakages in the house.
  • Keep north east direction tidy as far as possible. It would be good if there is no toilet in that direction.

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