Top Ten Kitchen Design Mistakes

Kitchen is one of the important sections of any home and one will certainly want to enjoy cooking and have a good time. There may be several reasons why you want to change the look of your kitchen. The designer kitchens and the striking appliances have brought about a revolution and hence women go in search for unique addition to the kitchen. You can take a look at the home improvement stores where you can find numerous choices to select from. In this article we will discuss the 10 mistakes which the people do while they are planning to renovate their kitchen. It is a place where management is necessary hence the right use of the space has to be done. The only thing is that if you take precautions you will achieve your goal and minimize the mistakes.

While working in the kitchen it is quite difficult to manage your kids as well as family and keeping the taste of the members in mind. The guests who come to your home want to enjoy your company and at the same time look forward for a special arrangement of food. If there are kids in your home then you have to look after them and also help them in different projects. You would surely want to keep everything in hand and still manage all the activities like checking the fridge or taking care of the kids etc. Thus it becomes necessary that you renovate the kitchen in such a way that it is different and also makes your work appreciated by other family members.

Stick to the Plan

Your work should always be according to the planning as it is sometimes difficult to coordinate between you planning the actual designing which you are doing. If you plan everything beforehand then it will be simple and less expensive for you. Once you have done the planning follow it strictly and do not change the plan in any case. Work out for the total cost that you need to pay and how you will go about.

You can take the help of a company that is well versed with kitchen designs. You can talk to them about the changes which can be made and whether it will be good or not. Take the reviews of the people who have taken their services to ensure that you have selected the right company. Jot down the ideas which you have in your mind and see that everything is done. If you have any query you can ask the professional and get it solved.

Too Trendy

When you have decided the style that you want and planned your budget it is the time to begin with your work. But hold on are your designs trendy then after sometime it may look outdated and you will have to get it changed again. For example the pomegranate shade would be excellent at that time but after five years it may not have the same appeal that it had earlier. Hence trendy things do not last long. It will be better that try something which is long lasting and never out of trend. Wood finishing, material of the countertop, color of the wall etc has to be elegant and suiting the atmosphere. In case you feel that your choice is great but may not be a good one in another’s perception.

While buying things for the kitchen you need to look for stuff that is valuable and required in the kitchen. A good kitchen always adds value to the home. For example if you are going for commercial stove then it may not be the right option as when you sell your house it would be a point of disadvantage. There are some people who may not need appliances and so there is no need to waste money on it. If you planned to sell away your home after sometime then keep yourself updated about the location where you are living and the price which will be offered keeping in mind the style and unique look of your home. There are lots of factors that will affect the price which the people will be ready to pay you.

Watch the Budget

Top Ten Kitchen Design Mistakes
A good kitchen always adds value to the home

When you are redesigning your kitchen it is necessary that you keep the cost to about 20% of the total value of the cost. It is because 8% of that cost will be recovered when you sell that home. If you are looking to sell your home in a short span of time then the economy as well as trends in the market can affect the prices. When it comes to selling a new and renovated kitchen does not make much difference to the price that you will get for an old kitchen design.

It is therefore advised that you plan your budget according to your needs as you can also overspend yourself while renovating the kitchen. There are some unexpected investments which you would have to make so keep some money in your hand which can be utilized at that time.

Declutter the Clutter

In order to avoid any confusion in the kitchen it will good that you organize everything well. Do not keep the entire things one on top of the other as though it leaves space but gives a hap hazard look to the kitchen. You can make the use of the racks and shelves to keep pots, plates and containers. In this way space will be utilized in keeping necessary items in front.

To keep your kitchen clean you require a space where you accommodate your trash. It can be either placed below the sink or somewhere in the corner. With the process of recycling it has been possible to make use of the waste material rather than throwing it. There are four approaches which can be followed by you for managing your garbage collection. You can either keep a garbage disposal in the kitchen or you even have a trash compactor where you can add all the waste things which are of no use. If you want you have specialized garbage collectors that will help you to put plastics materials, glass etc but it occupies space. A good decision is to add garbage collector when you are planning for the kitchen so that it is not missed.

Air It Out

Ventilation in the kitchen is very essential as it helps to remove the foul smells. For example if you have cooked fish the previous night its smell will not go out unless you have proper ventilation. The main motive of ventilation is to keep air clean by circulating the dirty air and removing the bad odour. If you want to keep your kitchen clean then proper ventilation is needed or else the oil and grease particle will settle on cabinets and countertops thus making the kitchen dirty and moving to other rooms.

In this way the appliances like stove, refrigerators will not get dirty and all will have a longer life. If the temperature of the kitchen is high you will have to take measures to bring down the temperature like cooling effects have to be added. Fans are used in the ventilation system so that it is able to throw out the gases from the room and take in fresh air from outside. If your kitchen is connected to your living room or the bedroom then proper ventilation will really help you a lot.

Light It Up

Rooms usually need three unique types of lighting which are functional and important. The first is the general lighting which is used for adding light to the entire room. Then you have the task light as well as the accent light which is quite beneficial. Same is the case with the kitchen as every area requires light. In most of the kitchens there is ample amount of general lighting while the window is used for natural light but they forget to use the task lighting. Preparation areas and sink need task light which is necessary. The areas where you work have to be focused so that the right electrical fitting is done.

You have a variety of lighting options like lamps, hanging lights, fluorescent lights etc which are a good option. This is done so that you do not face any problem while you are working in the kitchen and are able to get adequate amount of light. It is better to have more light rather than working in a dark or dim light.

Island Design

An island can serve a number of purposes in the kitchen but choosing the right place is essential. With the help of the kitchen island you can get an extra storage space and also serving area. Take care that the island does not create any hindrance in the smooth working of the kitchen, if it is then change the place or it will end up in to problems. The islands can create problem in opening the refrigerator or problem in preparing food. To overcome these problems you can form a kitchen triangle and its edges will be stove, island and sink.  This will reduce the traffic problems to quite a great extent.

It is good that you leave some space around the island and it can measure to 42 and 48 inches (106.68 cm and 121.92 cm). Your kitchen should be about 13 feet or 3.96 meters wide. The dimensions of the island should be around 3 to 5 meter wide that is about 91.4 cm by 152.4 cm. If you are planning for a U shaped kitchen then the distance can be about 10 feet. If you are using the island as your dinner bar then the dimension has to be about 24 inches (60.96 cm) with a depth of 12 inches (30.48 cm) or may be lesser than this. So remember the dimensions should be accurate or it will be confusing.

Room for Storage

Top Ten Kitchen Design Mistakes
Kitchen is one of the important sections of any home and one will certainly want to enjoy cooking and have a good time

There are lots of things which are used in the kitchen so finding the right space for it becomes important. For example you have your cabinets along with the food processor, hence you need to look for a proper space and manage everything. Though it is a costly affair but still people do not find enough storage space due to which they are not able to store the desired stuff in it.

Kitchen has to be clean as well as beautiful. The flooring should be excellent and the countertops must be good. Even the design of the kitchen has to be according to the latest style. Even while you are preparing food or serving it there are a number of tools used in it. If you arrange it in proper order you will be able to find it in few minutes. The tools which are used for daily purpose should be in front while things which are less commonly used can be placed back. Thus you need to give priority to the things then only the kitchen will be managed. The layout of the kitchen has to be according to your choice as you know which things are required and how you want to use them.

Good Layouts

The three things in the kitchen are utmost important and it is the sink, stove and refrigerator. If it is connected it becomes a bit simple to work. When you are designing your kitchen remember that the kitchen triangle is emphasized as it will reduce most of your problems. For example sink is needed to wash the utensils as well as other things. Stove will be used for cooking everything will be kept in your fridge so everything has to be connected or you will have to move about consuming your time. Take care that there is no obstruction when you want to access it as it can create inconvenience for you. Though it may appear a bit odd but after sometime you will surely like the look.

The above are the key areas but there are other areas which need your concern. You will want that the trash is kept near the door itself so that it is easy to clean it on regular basis. Countertops can be arranged at the place where you can keep your items for the kitchen. When you come from outside you will certainly keep your things down hence the countertop should be in the right area. The table, phone, writing pad and pen may be required at any time so place it where there is no obstruction and you can reach their easily. You can specify any particular place or keep it near the kitchen itself.

You have to see whether you will be eating in the kitchen or somewhere else. The number of people that can accommodate in the kitchen and whether\ it will be comfortable or not. If you have a separate dining room then you would want that the path is straight and takes less time. So take time and analyze all the things such that there is no confusion later.

Planning Your Counter Space

Most of the kitchens face the problem of countertops. Though countertops can be stylish but still they should fulfill the purpose for which they are made. When you are renovating your kitchen you must see that you have enough countertops in your kitchen so that you can keep lots of things and keep the preparation area empty. According to the size of th kitchen and the area you need you can design the countertops that are functional. So do remember this point while planning with the designer.

Ensure that there is enough space in the kitchen even after everything is done. There should be no hindrance in the working. When you move in and out of the kitchen there should be free movement or you can bump in to things. It will be better that you prepare a list of the activities that you do in the entire day and see how much space is needed. If the kitchen is small try to maximize the space so that working is easier.

Appliances which are not much in use can be placed on the countertops. For example the toasters, oven, food processor, gadgets etc are required less as compared to other appliances so there is no need to keep it down but place it from where you can pick it easily. This does not mean that you keep all such appliances on the countertop thus adding a bad look to the kitchen. You need to pan how you would like to display the appliances and whether they are used daily or occasionally. Based on that you can categorize them and arrange it accordingly. Placing everything at the right place will give a good effect to the kitchen and you will feel happy.

Thus if you are looking for a long term renovation then plan everything properly so that it becomes a onetime investment for you. Take as much time you want to take and do a little homework with the designing, purchase of the appliances, setting of the kitchen and other necessary planning. The above tips and suggestions can be taken as it will prove helpful in making your kitchen perfect and you will be satisfied.

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