Victorian Home Decor

Victorian home decor is a unique type of decoration where you will come across the right combination of beauty and charm. It more about texture and exceptional patterns which are a addition to this decoration. There is a lot of use of laces and accessories that embellish the homes. For an exclusive look you can perfectly blend the hand crafted items along with decorative pieces.

This is a style which is well understood by women and it is they who make the room look luxurious and classy. You will find a number of handmade things like paintings, needle work, designing decorative items etc.

The tables are used to display the ornamental pieces which really look superb. According to your personal liking you can arrange the antiques that go well with the setting. You can even display the wooden objects along with the variety of materials that excellently go with the decoration of the home.

If you love the Victorian style and are looking for something that is exclusive then you can surely go with the Victorian principles and give your home a fresh touch.

The main motive of this decor is to design the room in such a way that it looks stylish and you feel comfortable too. The furniture is usually large and the pillows that you use must be of elegant design. The upholstery that is added in the room gives a complete appearance to the room.

One preeminent feature of Victorian style is the arrangement of doilies either on tables or you have walls and even arm chairs are a good option. As this form of style caters to the taste of women so ensure that your family members are satisfied with it.

Color Scheme

When it comes to colors the Victorian style was more particular about the choice of color and preferred dark shades of red, emerald, amber, brown etc. They use to use a different texture in each room so that a dramatic effect comes in along with the classy look.

The Victorian style laid more emphasis on the important areas of the home like the living area, dining room, library etc. The shades which were used in such areas were more of green while the wall color was usually red, crimson and mauve which came out beautifully. Green color was very much in the trend while shades of blue and yellow were avoided in the Victorian style.

This is a style wherein you require many colors hence you can take the help of the manufacturer’s in making the selection. Most of the times shades like slate, mulberry and forest green are only used for a dazzling effect.

Window Treatments

Victorian Home Decor
Victorian Home Decor

The windows are decorated in a unique style such that layers of fabric are put together along with the hardware rows. The hardware consists of finials as well as rods which are fixed through shafts. Sheers are mixed together with cotton panels or even linen panels are an excellent option. The sheer are about three times wide so that it gives a better pleating. Another thing which you can do is to fold them up to add fringes so that it gives a fluffy look. This set up is good for summers but when it comes to winters you can include heavy fabric to protect you from the cold weather. The draperies that you pick can be either wooden or made from gold. The decoration of windows gets completed only when trimmed valance and other things are added to it to increase its beauty.

Victorian Decor Walls

The Victorian style gives a very lavish look to your home hence while doing your interiors you must lay stress of the color of the walls. This is the style where the colors are usually dark rather than using pastel shades which look odd. Shades of green, ruby, sapphire etc and selected as it gives a vibrant appearance to the home. Every room has a unique color but light colors are used in kitchens and in hallways.

The walls are covered with lots of things like paint, picture rails, paper, dado etc. After this is done beautiful paintings were hung on the wall so that the rooms different and attention grabbing. You can also add family photographs or other wonderful frames on the wall thus making your room pleasing.

Victorian Decor Floors

The designing of the floor was unique as it was made of wood and then beautiful carpet was laid on it. Designer rugs were also used that represented the patterns of birds and flowers. Most of the designs have the effect of Peacock because this bird was considered as the symbol of beauty in the Victorian style. Apart from wood there were other materials like tiles, marbles which were extensively used in kitchens. The entire house was covered with unique carpets that increased the overall beauty of the homes.

  • Wood flooring adds a classy look and hence it is the most commonly used material.
  • Hallways can be decorated with stunning carpets having floral patterns which look superb. You can try stencil borders or even parquet floor is a great option.
  • If you are looking for patterned floor then tiles are the best and inexpensive ways for it.
  • Oriental rugs are quite common as floral designs are available in them.
  • Walls are decorated with bright shades that give a vibrant feeling.
  • If orate patterns are present then trimming is done so as to bring out its effect.
  • Wallpaper style was very much in trend during the Victorian times.

Victorian Decor Furniture

The chairs and sofas that were used in the Victorian style were mostly rounded but did not have sharp angles. The arms as well as the legs of the sofa and chair were made from dark wood while the upholstery made from leather or even brocade was used. The sofa has cushions with silk embroidery on it together with laces and tassels. Tables were designed in a different manner as it had sweeping lines and the required curve. The tables were decorated with ornaments, antiques, designer pots, bowls, china figures and many other things.

The similar look can be used in today’s time as rounded furniture’s are in fashion while the upholstery can be of any color you want. The cushions can be either made from silk or even velvet cushions are very beautiful. On the table you can display a few silver or brass pieces that are unique.

The authentic look can only be achieved if you bring the same furniture of that style. The furniture was made from different varieties of wood like pine, teak, rosewood, oak, mahogany etc. The wood was then carved in to exclusive designs which you add appeal to the room. The rooms had lots of furniture and it was sometimes difficult to handle it. You can still purchase the furniture which is of use rather than adding confusion to the room. According to your taste you can choose the right furniture for your house.

  • The Victorian style deals with more elegance but at the same the carved out designs are very exclusive.
  • Comfort level is the feature which should never be compromised as you can use pillows and cushions for it.
  • Upholsters which are overstuffed can be picked for your room.
  • Select some of the beautiful desks, side tables, pedestal tables etc for displaying the objects.
  • You can bring home the Louis style which particularly depicts the 17th and the 18th century time.


Victorian Home Decor
Victorian Home Decor

Nowadays you have different kind of fabrics which are present for both the upper class as well as for the middle class. The most popular is the lush fabric which is used in making wall hangings, window dressing, upholstery and many other things. You can decorate the fabric with embroidery or silver and brass work can be done on it.

During the winter season you need something to warm yourself hence warm wool is perfect. It can be used as blankets and also in the form of drapery. The bed sheets made from silk are preferred as it keeps the bedding warm.

If you love light shades then linens can be purchased. The table cloth and the canopies are well suited to this shade. Especially the kitchen area should of light color as dark shades do not look nice.

Victorian Decor Accessories

The Victorian decoration is more about accessories and display is the best way for it. The displayed items not only depict wealth but at the same time it also shows beauty. Books are a very important part of the Victorian style as people like reading and improving their information. You will find no home where there are no books or no library. The books can be of various subjects like science, animals and many more. They loved to explore the species of plants hence this was the favorite subject for him. Stuffed animals are a part of Victorian decoration along with the pictures of traveling and excursions. You can collect some pictures and form a beautiful collection which can be put on the wall. The library is very essential and a source of knowledge.

Accessories are very necessary and if it is missing then the decoration of your homes is not complete. When you are looking for the fabric of curtains try for heavy fabric as it looks good. The table cloth and the cover for the cushions can be embroidered or decorated with ribbons. For other arrangement you have lots of accessories that can be added. For example you have doilies, china items, chandeliers etc. Though such things are costly, but still going to the right store will help you to make the best purchase.

Wall decoration ideas

  • Side tables, cabinets, side boards etc can be used for placing silver objects. Other ornaments, candle holders, porcelain items can be arranged on a table to add elegance to the room.
  • Swords as well as arms can be displayed on the walls for a lavish look.
  • Paintings can create a unique look together with your photograph collection and other pictures which can be added on one side of the wall.
  • The old grandfather clock.
  • Windows which have large draperies and unique look can form the part of the Victorian style.
  • China items can be displayed on tables for authentic appearance.
  • Porcelain dolls are an exclusive addition to your room.
  • You can collect a few doilies and get them framed.
  • Canopies can be hung in the bedroom such that it hangs down to the wall.
  • Mirrors of different sizes will help in reflection.
  • Vases made from porcelain and china can be displayed on light colored linens.
  • You can go for Persian as well as Oriental rugs.
  • Drapes can be hung on windows as well as in pathways.
  • Wooden shelves can be used for keeping books and magazines.
  • Patterned wallpapers
  • Soft pillows and cushions for your bedroom.
  • China dish or wall hangings can be placed on the walls.
  • Statues and dolls of ceramic.
  • Silver or china tea sets can be a superb addition on tables.
  • Plaster statures are unique.
  • Flower pots, bird houses etc can form the part of the decoration.
  • Ferns can be planted in the room.
  • Poetry and classics can be included in the rack.
  • Wall molding can be tried.
  • A bouquet of dried flowers looks awesome.

Lighting ideas

The lighting feature includes table lamps and chandeliers which look just incomparable.

  • Peach colored bulbs are fascinating and brighten up the area.
  • Candles and lanterns are used for better look and preserve the Victorian trend.
  • Lamps made from brass were mostly used so you can add that.
  • Huge chandeliers are effective.
  • Wrought iron lamps give a decent look.
  • Lamps of Tiffany are an excellent option.

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