Types Of Light Fixtures

Lighting plays a very important role in the decoration of your home. It really helps in making your house look dazzling and beautiful. Different types of light fixtures and system are available in the market which you can purchase according to the appearance of your home and the space available. Light fixtures and fittings are artificial equipments that are used for illuminating a room. They are known as the artificial source of lightening. When it comes to the light fixtures then numerous options can be selected. You can plan out a budget according to which you can purchase decorative light fixtures.

The different designs are used for the decorative purpose and they are generally installed in your kitchen, living room or bedroom area. Make sure that you purchase the fixtures and fittings that are of the appropriate design and size. Below stated are some options of the light fixtures that you can select for your home;

Wall Lights

Types of light fixtures
Wall Lights

Wall lights are highly attractive options that can be purchased for different rooms. The wall mounted options are available in different colours and style and they are especially very suitable for your kitchen or living room area. If you want you can even use them in your bathroom. Make sure that the wall mounted option that you select should match with the pendant lights and the chandelier that is installed in the room. Wall mounted fixtures are basically used as accent lighting. You can really create a focal attraction with the help of these lights.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling lights are very important for your living room and dining room area. They are a very good source of lighting and they really help in illuminating the whole room. In this system the lights usually touch the surface of the ceiling. You can purchase these lights in different shapes and sizes. You can go for the semi flush mounts or the close to ceiling fixtures which are extremely trendy and elegant. These fittings are usually attached in the centre of the room.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is basically used for decorative purpose and if you are purchasing the options you will get a lot of flexibility. The fixture should be long, short or in various different sizes. They also come in the straight or curve designs. You can also hang different types of lights from the tracking system. You can place the track lights according to your needs and requirements in different directions.


Types of light fixtures

Chandeliers are the most chic accessories and fixtures that are installed in most of the modern homes these days. They are highly stylish and they really help in proving your home an elegant and thrilling appearance. They are known as the chain hung fixtures that are usually very large and they should be handled with great care while you are installing them. They come with two or more arms that are attached in different angles. Most people tend to use this fixture for their living room or dining room area.


Pendants are the smaller versions of the chandeliers that are used in a formal setting. They are suspended from the ceiling and are used for the decorative purpose. They provide the best effect in the kitchen area and can really be best for your home decor. If you want you can also place these small lights on top of the dining room table. This would create a very special ambiance while you are having your meals.

Recessed Lighting

These are basically normal looking lights are enclosed within an attractive structure. If you want a simple yet effective appearance then you should go for these lights.

So, what are you waiting for, just select the best one from above stated lights and make your home beautiful and mesmerizing.


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