Types of Office Lighting

In most office it is seen that the lighting is not properly done. With the help of our eyes we can do any amount of work but still some amount of general lighting is needed or else there will be strain on the eyes and it will be difficult to work. There is a lot of paper work which is done in offices and for that purpose you need reflected lights which work well. Apart from this there are computers which give their own lights due to which both the lights get mixed and the vision becomes difficult. One can even suffer from low vision and has to wear spectacles for it.

Four types of lighting available in the workplace:

Ambient light – It is a general form of lighting and works great when installed on ceiling or fluorescent tubes are used. The only thing is that this light should not be used directly as it can affect the eyes as well as your work. Light should not bounce nor should it have low luminance that produces gloomy effect.

Task Lighting – This light is for individual purpose and best for workstations. Both the ambient as well as the task lighting are important in any office and so there should be a right combination of the two. The low power ambient light can be combined with required task light for better effect. Task light is not found in every office but proper task lighting should be there for the workers to work without any stress or strain on their mind.

Accent and Directional lighting – This is a different type of light which is meant for highlighting the objects. This light should not be mixed with the task lighting as the functions of both the lights are entirely different.

Natural light – Light coming from the sun is the natural source of light and it can come from windows, side of the walls, door etc. This form of light is important in an office as it brightens up the room but for the people who work on computers can find it a problem. It is because the natural light can merge with the light of the computer and produce a glare.

If one likes to work in a place where there is sufficient amount of natural light then it will be good that the position of the windows is about 6 feet away from the sides of the wall. You can make use of blinds which is a perfect way to get the desired light.

Other Light Considerations

Brightness/Contrast – The light of the room and the light of the particular area should never be different. Though a little difference is possible but it should not appear to be different. The amount of light which is falling on individual’s workstation should never be more in case of general lighting as it can create a bad effect.  At the end interference is caused between the two and it becomes difficult to work.

When the radius is about 25 degrees then the ratio of the brightness should be 3:1 and when the radius increases from 25 degrees it can be 10:1. Apart from this it is important to understand the amount of light which is needed by the person while working on computer. If the environment is dark then the high ratio will increase the amount of light in that area and then it will be easy to work. But when the light is dim there will be a large difference in lamination and it will affect your vision too. Hence it is essential that you ensure that the proper light features are installed in the office or not.

Glare – Glare can be caused due to a number of light sources. It can either happen when large amount of light is falling on your eyes or a light source is kept close to you or sometimes it may happen that light is reflected through shiny surfaces. Glare is mostly experienced by the older in comparison to young generation. Bare light bulbs are not perfect for workplaces and therefore the right kind of light should be used. The position should be in such a way that there is no reflection and no glare. Color of the walls or the objects can reflect light on your work station which can create a problem so ensure that the color combination is best. For example, reflection for black color is 1%, for dark blue it is 8%, light blue is 55% and for grey it is maximum at 75%.

Another way to tackle glare is to go for anti-glare filters. Though there are several types of filters which can be used but filters with neutral density and filters with circular polarized light are best.

Neutral density filter is a superb option as it is affordable but the image can be dark. The circular polarized ones are costlier but give a better effect when compared to neutral density. Do not go for mesh filter as it is not suitable for vision and decreases the quality of the image.

Color of Light – The lights are present in so many unique colors that it becomes difficult to select which is the best one.

Colored lights are used because it adds a different mood. For example you can create a cool mood and at the same a warm atmosphere. White color is mostly used as it gives a unique look to the place. Though colored lights are a personal choice hence the selection is yours but white light is suited to all purposes. The white light is every available and is inexpensive as compared to other colored lights.

When you are sick, you do not feel good and you will have to spend money to recover from that condition. Similarly full spectrum lights are in trend as it is able to create different effects at the same time. According to the environment of the office the desired color of the light can be chose and used at that time. It looks more like a natural form and every color gives an exclusive effect.

Lighting is very important in offices but people do not pay attention to it. Our eyes are very sensitive to light and it can create problem in working if you do not receive a proper amount of light which is needed.

Some Important Areas

Conference room Lighting – The conference room is also a essential part of office as you bring down the new policies and take important decisions for the organization. If any fresh project has to be started strategies are framed such that the employees can prove themselves. So it is necessary that the environment gives positive vibes which will prove helpful. The correct lighting feature can add vibrancy to the room and make it purposeful.

While selecting the conference room lighting you can either go for the fluorescent lighting which is functional or even have the elegant lights which are installed on the wall fixtures.  They look attractive and set the mood.  Lamps can also be added to get a homely atmosphere. The lamps not only provide the required amount of light but it also gives a personal feeling to the conference room.

Public spaces Lighting – Even the public spaces are important in the office and if right lighting feature is used the space can be used for other works. The lighting can create an environment which you want so select the wall fixtures or the trendy lamps for it. The lamps will help you to highlight a specific portion of the room while with pendants you can increase the appeal of the space.

Market is full of a variety of lights which range from the traditional style to the modern ones. According to the need and atmosphere you can pick the most suitable one. If it is a psychologist’s office then you will need to give an intimate feeling to the office or if it is the office for art studio then dramatic look will be excellent. If the store deals with furniture then you need to install stylish lights which attract the clients. So suiting the purpose you are free to choose any lighting you want.

Reception Area Lighting – When any client enters your office the reception gives the first impression so it is necessary that you make it appealing by making the right selection of the lights. If you want the clients to get a cozy feeling then traditional lamps will work best. Go for dark shades which look nice. For a modern style you can pick the modern lighting choices which work well. You also have a huge variety of scones present in the market so you can pick that too but Peruvian Wall Fixture Sconces is perfect.

Do not forget to add a small fan which will help in circulating the fresh air and giving a beautiful atmosphere to the area.

The reception is not only the entrance for the clients but also for the workers so it should give a positive feeling and an energy that keep them up the entire day.

Light Fixtures

Recessed Lighting – This form of lighting is used for general purposes and usually for the basements. Incandescent lights make a perfect atmosphere and give enough brightness to the room.

Emergency Lights – Such lights work with the help of the batteries and when the power goes off you can make use of these lights. Emergency lights are used as a combination of exit sign/emergency lights which is the best option for you. It is affordable and cost effective.

Exit Signs – Exit signs are required by life safety buildings so that it can help in determining the exit point.  Nowadays LED is used which once installed can be used for 25 years without increasing your electricity bill.

Fluorescent Fixtures – These are energy efficient lights and provide better lamination to areas like workshops, storage rooms, playrooms etc. You can go for fixtures in case of ceiling and for mounting you have wraparounds.

Occupancy Sensor – These lights are automatic so when any person enters the office the lights will get “on”. It will laminate for the entire day unless the office is vacant so there is no need of an on/off switch. The working is controlled by the sensors whose programming is done in such a way. For open offices occupancy sensors are ideal.

Track Lights – It is perfect for basement when you need more lights and at the same time a finished appearance.

Surface Mounted Spotlights and Directional Lights – Such lights are used for decorative purposes when track lights cannot be used. With the help of these lights you can enhance a sport or you can lay emphasis on any picture or wallpaper. Hallways, conference rooms etc are places where this light will show the best color.

Under Cabinet Lighting Lights which are placed below the cabinets give a better effect to the work station. It helps in easy working and removes glare.

Wall Sconces – There is a huge selection for wall scones hence keeping in mind the requirement of your office you can select the perfect lighting.


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