Quick Tips To Improve Your Office Lighting

Are your employees finding it difficult to work because of improper lighting in the office? Are they suffering from headaches, neck tension, and unnecessary production losses? Selecting the right lighting can lessen the burden of work and create a pleasant environment.

The lighting depends upon the location and the work which is done. The good news is that you can quickly improve your office lighting as soon as today. Here are some proven methods to help you do it, with the help of the below tips you can increase the efficiency of work and better atmosphere.

  • Lights should be parallel with line of sight.
  • If you need to highlight pictures, sculptures for visual effect then track lighting is best.
  • With light diffusers you can concentrate the amount of light on your work station.
  • Overhead lighting should always be dim or else it can get mixed with the track light and give a blur image.
  • If diffusers are not present then fluorescent lights can be a superb option as you can adjust the brightness as you want.
  • Adjustable desk lamps are a great choice when you need to focus on your work as it can be turned in the direction of your work.
  • Task lighting can be used when reading or writing work is done. This will improve the quality and increase concentration.
  • Rely more on natural light while working in the office but ensure that there is no glare or refection produced.
  • Blinds and drapes are a good option to cover the windows so that the amount of light coming can be controlled.
  • Shielded lights can give you a number of benefits and is ideal for workplaces.
  • For computer users diffusers work best because it has no glare and the contrast is softer.
  • Choose light colors for the walls to avoid reflection.
  • Screen and the windows should make an angle of 90 degrees so that proper amount of light is received.
  • Never work directly below any light source.
  • Dust can add glare.
  • Filters work well to reduce glare.
  • Light diffusers also remove glare and reflection.
  • Non-reflective paints can overcome reflection.
  • Arrangement of workstations should be done in right manner so that proper light is received.
  • Fluorescents do not work for computer users as it gives shadow and glare on the screen.
  • Bend the screen to get clear view.
  • Digital window can make your working comfortable and remove any error.

Office lighting could be that one change that will make your office more productive! Use these tips today to improve the lighting in your office so that you create a happy and healthy atmosphere! With the above tips you can find a proper solution for lighting. Hope this quick look has got you thinking about how to improve your overall workflow.


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