As per Vastu it is important to place septic tank at the right place and in right direction at home. Septic tanks are often made randomly with no consideration which however causes various problems to occupants. The origin of septic tank can be traced back to decades when family members preferred having their own water tanks. It was always considered an essential element in every house. The pit for a septic tank was always dug and hence the importance of Vastu came into being. This pit needs to be dug in a perfect manner failing which could encounter serious health and wealth problems. Today septic tanks have been replaced by water or overhead or automatic water tankers. However, septic tanks are still considered in villages and semi-urban areas.

  • The ideal location for the septic tank is North-west.
  • Septic tank should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t face the directions like South-east, South-west and North-east.
  • The Septic tank should never touch the corner wall or the main wall of the house. A gap of at least 30 to 60 centimeters (1 to 2 feet) must be provided from the main wall of the house and compound wall.
  • Vastu says that it is better to construct the septic tank always to the ground level. The septic tank should not be higher than the plinth level of the building.
  • It is advised to keep in mind the drainage system. The drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom should have their drainage passage in the West or North-west direction only. While kitchen pipes should have their passage in the East or North direction. However it is advised not to place pipes in the South direction in any condition as it may produce negative effects. In case if there is any outlet which is in South direction then it is advised to divert the outlet to east or north direction.
  • The main sewage should be located in North, East or West direction for good results. However, it should not be located in South direction.
  • If you are staying in an apartment or in an upper storied building then it is advised to keep the drainage pipe in West or North-west direction. The pipe should not be placed in the southwest corner. In case you have the drainage pipe in the same direction then make sure that it does not leak at any cost.
  • It is advised to keep the length of the septic tank towards east West direction while the breath towards South north direction.


  1. Septic tank is in the south east corner of the house and main entrance to the house is over the tank
    Is it correct Bastu-wise

  2. Mine is west facing house already dug a water pit on third part of NE. I am contemplating to dug a sanitary pit on third part of Nw.But it facing right in front of the Main gate. Please suggest me the right place

  3. hello! our house has a balcony right above the septic tank( around 3 feet above) on the southern part of the house. we just cannot rearrange or reconstruct due to space concerns. we are planning to convert the balcony to part of the dinning area and kitchen. what tips can you give us to avoid or counteract the negative elements coming into play…many thanx

  4. Sir, we r having west facing plot.25× it ok if we construct septic tank in east avoiding northeast and south east corners by leaving 5 feet space at each corner

    1. Ideal location for septic tank is North-west and as per vastu septic tank should never touch the corner wall or the main wall of the house. You can leave a gap of at least 1 to 2 feet.

  5. I have taken flat towards the northwest side but the septic tank is just below my northeast of the flat is this ok suggest

    1. Septic tank should be placed in such a way that it does not face the directions South-east, South-west and North-east. The ideal location for septic tank is North-west.

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