Types of Wood for Kitchen

Wood is a material which is always in fashion and adds an appealing look to the kitchen. Apart from the kitchen you can use the wood for designing beautiful cabinets and give value to the kitchen. There are lots of varieties of wood which can be carved in to numerous designs and used accordingly. It is up to your selection which design and variety will be apt for you or not. It is your choice which type of wood will best fit in the needs of the kitchen.

According to the requirement you can pick the right type of wood and design cabinets from it. Pine is a good example for type of wood as it looks great and very cheap. Even mahogany is another option which you can consider while designing your kitchen.  You can select any type of wood as each has its beauty and flair which is incomparable.

Types of wood species include:


Maple is a very common type and many people know about it. There are countless varieties of this wood so according to the requirements you can select the best one. Most of the people look forward for this type as it is highly recommended for kitchen cabinets. Every species of the wood is unique and its features are perfect for any purpose. If you want you can paint the maple in the color that you want. Though it can be carved in nay shape and design but is resistant to stains also. You can get a perfect Honey finish or even a Chestnut Glaze is acceptable.

The total cost will depend upon the quality of wood that you select. Maple is usually found in parts of China and there are about 10 species which have been found from US.

Maple is considered to the best option for kitchen cabinets as it is light and comes in dull shades only. It gives a brilliant finish to the kitchen and this is the reason why many people like to go with this wood only.


Types of Wood for Kitchen
Types of Wood for Kitchen

Cherry is another beautiful type of wood which is apt for kitchen cabinets. There are two reasons for its popularity. One is the number of shades in which it is available while the other is the change of color. When the furniture comes in contact with sunlight the color of the wood changes to cherry brown and hence it is called as cherry.

The variety of wood can vary from low prices to high prices depending upon your budget. Though you have other choices too but cherry has always been the ideal wood for kitchens. The original color of the wood makes it look elegant and you will find it very beautiful. If you want to get a high class look in your kitchen this it is the apt option for you.


Oak is known for its unique color and the beauty which it gives to the kitchen. The color can range from dark brown to the light brown shade. There are about 200 species of Oak which are spread in different parts of the world. One of the best finishes which you get with the Oak is the honey finish and it is just excellent. As the wood has to be used for daily purposes hence it can bear the strain very well. The stains can be cleaned easily without much problem.

Oak was very popular a few years ago but now it is not so much in demand because of the other varieties which have come in the market. The color of the wood is dark and the stains can be lighten and darken according to the choice. If you are looking for a long term use then oak is the right choice.


Rosewood is an extremely beautiful wood which is red in color but the prices are so high that it is difficult for the people to use it in their kitchens.


Pine is a very common wood which can be used for cabinets as well as shelves. The best feature about pine is the number of colors which are present in it. It is easy to design anything you want and the stains are also accepted. One of the varieties ponderosa requires attention and has to be cleaned regularly for a superb look. For people who want to get a rustic look can try it.
The prices of pine are reasonable and are very soft. This is the reason that most people prefer it the most. The stains can be easily cleared without much ado.


It is a type that belongs to the pine family and therefore is very soft and can be molded in to any design. It is usually found in the Southern states and ideal for bungalows, country clubs, cottages etc. Depending upon the needs you can decide for which purpose you are selecting the wood. The interesting combination of colors will give the right effect that you want to get.


Types of Wood for Kitchen
Types of Wood for Kitchen

Nowadays people are going with this option as it is considered to be eco friendly. This plant is found everywhere and hence there are many people who finding this option to be a great one. The only problem that you will encounter is that another type of wood has to be used in combination. The cost of bamboo is low but when some other wood is used the cost usually goes up.


Cedar can also be used for kitchen cabinets as it is soft and very durable. Though its looks are not so attractive but yet its smell is sweet.


Redwood is also an excellent option for furniture’s. If you are looking for perfect finish then you can surely this type. It works well when combined with other varieties of wood. For example redwood is usually used in combination with cypress as it gives a superb effect. You can regain the original color by rubbing it with wax and hence people who love its real color perform the same method as its looks are really appealing.


Alder falls in the category of fine wood and hence it is long lasting. It has a yellow-orange color which looks best on cabinets, racks, shelves etc. The features of alder include the durability, resistant to shock, decay resistance and many other exciting qualities. The fineness of alder can be compared to cheery as both are of similar texture only. The fantastic looks and superb resistance is what is required.


Even Birch is a new type of wood which is gaining popularity. The different shades and grain is what people look for. It is a medium density wood which is harder when compared to pine but not as strong as oak or either maple.

The cost of birch is very less and therefore people consider it ideal. It is mostly used for making stock cabinets.  The colors are dull but it depends upon the variable quality of the wood. The main problem is that it is quite difficult to get the color that you want. It is better to use the original shade as it looks great and perfect for kitchen cabinets.


Types of Wood for Kitchen
Types of Wood for Kitchen

This type of wood is very hard and at the same time strong and elastic. This type of wood is usually employed in golf clubs or tool handles where a lot of strength is required. Resilience is another feature which one may look in any variety. When it comes in contact with moisture it can decay. Despite the people consider it an excellent variety and can be used depending upon the requirements.


It is one of the awesome choices of wood that you can make. If you are looking for a rich appearance then you can use this variety for a supreme kitchen cabinet. It is reddish brown in shade and is the most expensive of all the varieties. Though it is able to handle the stains but cannot be categorized in to strong wood.

Though it is not a strong wood but still many people prefer this variety just because of the shade which it has. The color itself is vibrant and adds elegance to the kitchen. It is a costly affair hence people find it difficult to purchase the wood.


This is a high quality wood but at the same time expensive too. The color gives a rich look to the kitchen and people like the appearance very much. If you are looking for a refreshing look then this is the choice you can trust upon.


It has more or less the same features as compared to ebony. Though its real color is brilliant but is costly in comparison to other varieties. You can customize the design of the kitchen cabinets according to your choice. You can add an exotic look with this variety.


The features of butternut are similar to walnut but with an exception that the shade is a bit lighter and it is not so strong.


Types of Wood for Kitchen
Types of Wood for Kitchen

The best thing about this wood is that it is inexpensive and easily obtained. There is no need to waste time in searching it. It has a feathery grain but its color is lighter when compared to oak or any other wood variety. It is so hard that even furniture’s can be made from it.

Brown Ash

Brown ash makes a perfect combination to be used for furniture’s as well as kitchen cabinets. As it has a light shade therefore other colors can be added so that a rich look is obtained. This is the benefit which you will get with this wood.


The color of Beech is slighter darker than maple but is able to fit in any use.  It is found in many places and is very cost effective.


Chestnut gives a stunning appearance to the kitchen cabinets and makes the kitchen look very refreshing. There is no problem in finding it as it is obtainable without much problem. The cost feature is no bar as it is affordable.  The color of the wood is so beautiful that you will go crazy over it. When added to the kitchen will give a superior look. The quality of wood is soft and gives a light glow to the room. Apart from the kitchens it is used in rooms for shelves and racks.

The beauty of the chestnut is worth seeing as it has no comparison. Whether it is the color or it is the texture both are brilliant. You can work on it without much problem and there is no need to try it.


The best feature of teak is that it has the ability to withstand any weather condition.  Even if insects want to creep in the wood it does not allow this to happen. Because of this specific feature only teak can be used for both the indoor as well as outdoor furniture’s.

The beauty of the teak is because of the fact that it contains a special oil content which is not found in any other variety. The glow of the wood comes due to oil only. Beauty and strongness are two unique features which are possessed by teak. This makes it popular among people and their first choice.

In the end it can be concluded that you can select whichever variety will give you the best results. There is no restriction on the selection because you can even combine the two varieties to obtain great results. If the wood is finished properly then you will get a wonderful effect in the room as well as in the kitchen. Hence keeping in mind the above varieties you are free to pick the best one that is inexpensive and looks beautiful.

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