The position of the doors and windows also plays a very important role in Vastu Shastra. The doors should allow proper flow of air, light and energy. Doors and windows can make a huge difference to peace, prosperity, and luck of any household.

Here are a few tips which you can keep in your mind while planning your house as per Vastu:

  • The main door of a residence must be bigger than any other door in the house. Also, it must be more beautiful compared to the others. This helps bring in luck and prosperity.
  • Doors of all the other rooms should be of the same size. However, if you want one of them to be bigger, then doors in south and west side should be bigger. Make sure not to make the north and the east side doors bigger than the rest.
  • There should be even number of doors and windows in your house. It is good if you have in the range of 2,4,6,8. It is best to avoid odd numbers as this can bring in negative energy.  Make sure you do not have doors and windows in the range of 3,5,7,9 etc.
  • Avoid having any kind of obstructions such as plants, temple, staircases etc in front of the main entrance.
  • The windows should be opposite to the doors so that both the positive and negative energy can flow through.This is to also allow the proper flow of air from one room to another.
  • Avoid having too many windows in the South-West directions. Because the harmful infrared rays from the sun falls mostly to the South-West direction in India. Hence it is preferable to have less openings in this direction.
  • The North-East direction is suitable for having windows and should be long and wide.
  • The doors and windows should be rectangular. The doors having irregular or square shapes are not auspicious.
  • Try not to have an automatic door in the house. It affects the health of children.
  • Teak wood is the best option for doors and windows.

Door position according to the directions:

The door should be in the left half when facing the house. Avoid placing the door in the right half (North-West). Placing the door in this direction will allow ample amount of sunlight throughout the day. The door should be placed in the center of the wall and the windows should be kept in the North-East. Avoid placing the door near the corner of the walls.

The door can be placed in the left half, facing the house. Avoid positioning the door in the right half of the house as more windows are supposed to be positioned here for a constant sunlight throughout the day. Avoid the opening in the south west direction. If you have a door in the west ensure that you have a parallel door in the east which can allow maximum useful UV rays.

A door positioned in the south shouldn’t be placed in the center of the building and should be placed in the right half of the home. Avoid placing the main door in the south-west direction as this might harm you with the hot infrared rays.

The door can be placed in the right half facing towards the north east direction. Avoid positioning the door in the south east direction. The door should be placed in the center of the wall and the windows should be placed in the north-east direction.

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  1. Sir ,mera Ghar north facing h aur north me 2 doors.Ek main h aur dusra back se nikalne k liye h .main building aur boundary k bich me east ki taraf septic tank bana hua h jo ki kitchen se laga hua h.aur west boundary se 3 feet during pe Ghar k south me Ek well hai jiske upar pani nikalne k liye wheel laga hua h 3 pillar k sath. Aur Ghar k andar lagbhag middle me stair h. Please jo v kamiyan h bataye.please

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