Vastu for Health

Every individual should be very concerned about their health and it should be the top priority for them. If you are very rich but not healthy then your money would be of no use for you. A healthy body and mind helps us in getting long term benefits. You will see that in Vastu shastra, health has been given a very important position and there are various principles regarding health. For your well being and good health it is highly important for you to keep these principles in mind. Vastu principles can easily be applied in your day to day life in order to get maximum benefits that you can imagine. It is a science that tells you about proper direction, location, position and designing of your home.

Following the vastu principles would help in improving your health and you would be able to enjoy a stress free life. There are certain very important vastu remedies that you can follow for improving your health. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below.

Vastu Principles For Health

Some Vastu principles can really improve your health and can help you in leading a better life are mentioned below.

  • If you light candles on a regular basis in a fire zone then this trick can really help in improving your health in many ways. People who are unwell should keep lighting candles in their room for some weeks. The water tank should always be kept in the northeast or the north direction only.
  • If you are constantly stressed out and depressed then it is important for you to sleep with your head facing the south direction. The direction in which you will sleep basically the right or the left should be considered according to your birth sign.
  • The staircase in your home should always be placed in the corner of your house, avoid constructing it in the middle of the house as this can create various health problems for you and your family members. Heavy furniture items should never be placed in the middle of a room, this can create various disturbances in your mind.
  • You would be surprised to know that one basic cause of illness in your home can be due to the imbalance of the fire element. If you house is in the south direction and you have an underground water tank in the north direction then this can create various health issues for your family. If you want to remove the defects then it is highly important for you to keep the entranceway of your home always closed. Your gate should be high enough to hide the road.
  • The placement of your kitchen is another very important thing that you must consider at all costs. You will have various health disorders if you have placed your kitchen in the fire zone. You must always get your kitchen area constructed in the south eastern direction of your home.
  • Some colors are also related to your health issue. Red is the color that can emotionally arouse you, green should be used for unwinding and relaxing your senses, orange helps in improving your mood and fighting with depression, blue gives you a soothing effect, violet light should be used by people who are suffering from mental illness.
  • You must never face the south west or south direction while eating your food. Face the east of the west direction as it would help in proper direction.
  • While offering prayers to God, you must always face the west or east direction.
  • Make sure that your interiors are painted in very soothing and calming colors.

Well these are some highly effective vastu principles can really help in improving your health.

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