Vastu for Hotels

  • According to vastu shastra, in order to cash in a lot of profit, the building of a hotel should be constructed on a plot having rectangular, square, circular, quadrangular, octagonal or hexagonal shape.
  • The location of the cash counter can be on raised platform and should face towards north.
  • The image of the deity for daily worship should be in the northeast corner facing east or north.
  • The location of the plot should be such that roads are there on all its four sides or at least on the north and east.The level of the site should slope towards northeast corner.
  • The open spaces in the north, east and northeast should be more than that in south, west and southwest. Big trees should be grown in the western and the southern side.
  • Ground floor would be apt for reception and eatery area of the hotel.
  • If the car parking is to be on the ground only then northern and eastern open space should be used for the purpose if not then the area can be used for lawn and for growing small plants.
  • The reception corner should either face east or north.
  • There must be adequate provision for light, ventilation and a large open space for the kitchen.Therefore, ground floor should be utilized for the kitchen.
  • Make sure that the kitchen is located in the south-east portion of the building. For placing the grinders, ovens etc, choose corners that are in the southeast direction.
  • Be sure to include space for conferences, in your hotel. First floor can be utilized for constructing a conference hall for your hotel.
  • To ensure a pleasant stay for your customers, make sure that the rooms for them is positioned in the south-west direction. The beds for them should be placed in south or west portion of their rooms. Ensure that they sleep with their feet towards north or west direction.
  • The borewell, well, underground water tanks, swimming pools, water fountains etc. should be located in the northeast zone only and not in any other place.
  • Overhead tanks should be located on the terrace above roof on the southwest corner.
  • Choose the eastern and northern portions of the building for constructing balcony.
  • The staircase and lift blocks also should be located in this zone or in the southern portion of the building.
  • If you wish to construct a storeroom as well, then opt for the southern, western or southwestern zone of the building.
  • For the installation of AC, southeast location would be apt.
  • When the central AC plant is to be planned, the unit should be in the southeast corner of the building.
  • For electric generator and transformer installations, southeast direction is fine.
  • Washbasin should never be placed in the center of the hall. It shall be fitted either in the north, east or northeast directions.
  • Ensure that there is large, open ground in the premises of your hotel.

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