Vastu for Multi Storied Buildings

Before choosing a type of design for your multi-storied building or apartments all you have to do is follow these simple and basic Vastu principles while designing.

  • The shape of the plot should be either rectangular or square.
  • Choose either East or North direction for the entrance of the building.
  • If you are planning to construct a playground or lawn near the building then choose the North-East direction.
  • Make the slope towards the North-East side of the multi-storied building while keep the South-West portion a bit raised.
  • Avoid planting huge trees near the multi-storey building. They can certainly be planted at some distance from the building.
  • The entrance gate of the multi-storied building should not have any obstruction.
  • The height of the upper floor should be less than the ground floor height.
  • The upper floor doors should not be at the same place of the lower floor door. There should be a little difference in case of all the floors.
  • Under-water tank or bore-well should be constructed in North-east direction while over-head tank should be in the South-west direction.
  • Store room or room for dumping waste materials should be in South-West.
  • Do not place bedrooms in the North-East corner, because it is not an auspicious place for sleeping.
  • North-West or West is the right place for placing toilets in a multi-storied building.
  • Bathroom can be constructed in North-East or North-West but make sure water drainage from bathroom is made in North-east.
  • The rooms should be in the East direction or else the windows should face East.
  • Keep the South or West portion of the multi-storied building for staircases.
  • Construct the balcony or any open patio in the East or North portion of the building.

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