Vastu for Overhead Tank

Overhead tanks are an important feature of a building or a house.If the water tank is placed in the right area, it would definitely lead to an increase in wealth, prosperity and knowledge.

  • Overhead water tank should be in the West or South-west direction of the building.
  • The overhead water tank in this direction should not touch the slab.It should be at least 2 feet above the uppermost slab.
  • Overhead tank should not be built in the North-east direction of the building. However, a small tank can be placed.
  • Overhead tank should not be built in the South-east direction of the building as it may cause loss of wealth and the family members may face health issues.
  • The overhead water tank is a heavy structure so therefore it is not recommended to place it at the center of the house.
  • There shouldn’t be any kind of leakage in overhead tank as it can cause outflow of money.
  • If possible, there should be different tanks for different purpose. While water for drinking and cooking should come from one tank, water for toilets and bathrooms should come from another water tank.
  • The material and colour of the overhead tank is also a very important point to consider.Overhead tank should not be made of plastic. The colour of the overhead tank should be blue or may be black, because these colors absorb sun rays which create positive energy when absorbed in water.

Note: All above principles are applicable to residential as well as commercial buildings.

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