Vastu for Selection of Plot

  • While selecting a plot, observe the colour of the soil. Reddish brown soil is considered the best followed by yellowish brown. Dark, pungent smelling or clayey soil is not preferred for construction.
  • Choose a plot that doesn’t have an irregular shape. Square or rectangle shape plots are considered auspicious. Make sure that the plot doesn’t have any cracks.
  • Ratio of width and length should not be more than 1:2 in rectangular plot.
  • The plot which is narrow at front and wide at the back, also known as Gomukhi plot is also good for residential purpose.
  • Educationalists like scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc. should prefer a plot facing East.
  • For those in power, administration and in government service the plot facing North is good for them.
  • Plot facing South is good for business class people.
  • For the people providing services to the society, opting for a plot facing west is good.
  • Make sure that there is no graveyard or tomb in the front, back or adjacent to your plot.
  • Avoid buying a plot if there is a tall building located in the north eastern side of your plot, because it will ruin the mental peace of the residents. However, if the high-rise building is located in the south, south west or western side, you may purchase the plot.
  • Avoid purchasing a plot with rivers or canal flowing on west or south side of the plot.
  • The East and North facing plots are auspicious for house construction.
  • A plot with roads on all sides is auspicious.
  • Avoid buying a plot with sump in South, West or South West direction. Sump in the North, East or North-East is considered good.
  • Big trees should be avoided in east, north and north-east directions while small plant can be grown in these directions.

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