Vastu Shastra Remedies- Some Effective Tips And Tricks For You

The science of Vastu Shastra not only provides you principles for constructing buildings and temples but it also provides you various effective remedies through which you can easily correct various defects that might arise in day to day life. These days Vastu Shastra has become very common and more and more people are taking the help of its principles in order to create a balance in their lives. Vastu helps you in understanding the direction, geography, topography and environment of your surrounding area. Becoming modern does not mean that we have to drift away from our culture or the teachings of the Vedas. The knowledge of vastu would only make life easier for us in many ways.

In every home or office there are certain vastu defects that need to be corrected for creating a positive ambiance. Vastu defects are related to circumstances that spoil the over all balance of your home life. In This article, I would basically like to discuss about some fruitful vastu remedies and solutions with the help of which you can remove the defects.

Vastu Remedies

In order to live prosper and happy life you must surely take the help of the vastu remedies that are mentioned below.

  • While you are purchasing a new plot for the construction of your house or office building, you must always see the location and direction. You must thoroughly check out the north-western as well as the south western part of the plot or house. The south western direction of the plot should never be higher than the south western direction because this blocks the inflow of energy. If the house is already constructed then make sure than the north western direction is not crowed by stairs and pillars.
  • Pyramids are very closely related to the vastu principles. It has been seen that if you place pyramids in your house then this would surely help you in removing the common defects. This accessory should always be installed in a particular direction and location for the proper inflow of energy. The pyramid not only helps in managing the electromagnetic field but is also helps in revitalizing your mind, body and soul.
  • Vastu Remedies
    Vastu Remedies

    You will see that the toilet should never be constructed in the eastern direction. This is very unhealthy for the people who are residing in that house. If you want to remove this defect then you can get a toilet constructed in the north or south direction or leading a healthy life.

  • When you are getting your house constructed then it is very important for you to take the help of vastu experts. They can really guide you in the right manner. The door of your house should be east facing and the bedroom should be constructed in the west or south direction. Make sure that you pooja room is in the north and east direction and you should sleep with you head facing the west.
  • There should always be an even number of doors and windows in your house. The width of the construction should always be the half of its height. In the kitchen area all the appliances and equipments would be kept facing the west wall of the room.
  • You must always get your stairs constructed in the clockwise direction and all the things above the ground level should always be located in the south and west direction. Things which are placed in the underground level can be installed in the north and east directions.
  • Your living room, bedroom and dining room area should never be decorated with pictures that depict sad or ward scenes. Always try to install pictures that give you inspiration.
  • You must always eat your food in a sitting position. Never eat or drink while you are standing. One should not locate any type of water boy in front of the entranceway.

Well these are some of the commonly practiced vastu remedies that you must keep in mind for creating the right balance in your home.

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