Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is a term that is slowly becoming quite popular around the world. The word “Vastu” means property, a surrounding or the physical environment and the term “Shastra” means knowledge. So, in a simplified form, vastu shastra means the knowledge of the physical environment around us and deals with placement of objects within a space.

Vastu Shastra is considered a bridge between man and nature. According to the Hindu culture, everything is considered made up of five basic elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE and AIR. All these elements are, believed, only found on earth thats is why it is the only planet that supports life and nature. From each of these basic elements we are getting precious gifts due to infinite powers of the universe.

Vastu is one of the oldest forms of architectural science. It dates back thousands of years to the Vedic ages. The main motive of Vastu Shastra is to ensure a harmonious balance amongst the five basic elements within an enclosed space (this space could be a home, office etc.). According to the tenets of Vastu Shastra, if the five elements are in balance, then the people living and working in those spaces will have a balanced and fruitful life as well.

Apart from energies of the five elements, vastu principles are also based on directions. A lot of importance is given to the eight directions. In fact, vastu shastra is primarily based on directions. The eight directions are north, south, east, west, north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west.

The north and east, in particular, are thought to be of great significance. For example, the east is an auspicious direction as the sun rises in the east. Since solar energy is life giving, it is also considered to be lucky for all aspects of life. Wind, water and fire are meant to be in specific directions. If care is not taken with the placement of other elements, then there could be disharmony. Read More about Vastu Shastra and Directions.

Vastu Shastra helps to balance out the energies present in a structure by making simple modifications in the placement and directions of objects. As a result the house or office is filled with more positive vibrations and all the attached people end up feeling happier and healthier.

How does one balance the five elements while building or renovating a house?

Vastu Shastra is a science that places importance on the balance of energies. There are positive and negative energies in constant interplay on, our planet, the earth. While constructing a building, these two forces are disturbed. Vastu helps in balancing out the disturbed forces for maximum benefit to the people living or working in these buildings.

These days all of us are slowly beginning to realise that there is a close connection between our environment and our physical, mental and spiritual health. People are constantly stressed out because of the enormous amount of pressure that we are faced with – at home, in office or in everyday routine life. Vastu Shastra principles can be applied to your home or office and will help you combat this stress as well.

The principles of Vastu Shastra were originally used for the construction of temples and places. Today Vastu Shastra can be used for any type of building. If you are planning on building a house or even leasing an office, keep the basic Vastu Shastra principles in mind.

You can also consider getting help of an expert in vastu shastra. In a house or office built to vastu specifications, you might find that you are happier and healthier. This enables you to function better at work, which could lead to promotions and more money. So go ahead and get yourself a book on vastu or contact a genuine vastu expert. You have nothing to lose, except a little of your time, and everything to gain.

With your house built on vastu principles, you can be sure of a calm and relaxed environment. Keep in mind that there are simple principles that can be applied to make your life a whole lot easier.  The energy vibrations in your home will be positive. This means you will be able to live a more balanced life and enjoy it in a much better way.

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