Bedroom is the place where home owners spend their most of their time by relaxing and resting after the whole days work.

Here are certain styles that you can use to decorate your bedroom:

Romantic style bedroom

Create a Romantic bedroom by painting your bedroom with colors. Colors play an important role in building up a romantic environment. Colors help in setting warmth in the room. Do not use too bright colors like dark blue or green for walls as these colors do not compliment much with the skin tones and thus creates a cold environment. One of the best options is to paint your bedroom with lavender color. Combine Lavender with other Neutral shades like cream or grey. Add soft and comfortable bed sheets and mattresses which feel good against your skin. Lighting is a key element in setting up the right mood. Always use dim lights as they make you and your partner relaxed and comfortable. Place favorite prints in unusual frames or display favorite paintings and sculptures that reflect you and your partner feeling and personality. You can also place pictures of you and your partner in a simple frame on the bedside. Place few colorful flowers in vase on the bedsides and use scented candles to illuminate and decorate the room.

Victorian bedroom

To create a true Victorian feeling in your bedroom, add flowered pillows and a small vase filled with flowers in soft shades of pink and white. Hang lace curtains in your bedroom to cover the windows. You can also hang heavier drapes with sheers and can adjust other accessories as per your decorating tastes. Fill the room with scented candles to illuminate and decorate the room. Use scents, fragment room fresheners or scented sachets of lavender or rose to add spice to the room decor. You can also use music to create a great ambiance. The music should be soft and meaningful. Paint the bedroom walls with floral prints. Use pale colors like soft pink with gilt framing. Decorate the dressing table with antique family photos.

Shabby Chic Bedding

Shabby Chic bedding gives a casual elegance to the bedroom. It is also popular among people as it is budget friendly. Shabby chic bedding can be a mixture of solid colors or patterns in pastel colors. You need to find furniture that matches to other bedroom decor.  Add matching pillows and bed sheets. You can create a pile of pillows of different

shades and patterns. Generally carpet is not chosen. However, you can place one if you wish to. You can place plenty of rugs instead of carpets.

Cottage Style Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with cottage style by painting the walls with soft color like light yellow or green. You can also use pastel colors however, they are used almost exclusively in this type of style. Add white curtains to the windows. Give an extra touch by placing a valance in a floral pattern. Add floral bed sheets and place lampshades in floral pattern beside your bed. You can add distressed furniture and headboard to your bed.

Country Style Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to look rich with decorating items then country style decorating idea can probably be the best option. Paint the furniture with French blue color to match with country style interior. Coat chairs with rust red or yellow. If you have wooden furniture then you need not have to paint it. Place a large quilt with patchwork.  Decorate the room with rugs. The rugs should be made of fiber and can be of an oval shape. Place rugs on each side of the bed. Decorate few candles on a ceramic plate and place it on windowsills. Add pictures and prints framed in wooden or cast iron frames.

Eclectic style bedroom

You can decorate your bedroom by mixing the contemporary style with old fashioned furniture and style

Early American style Bedroom

Early American is a very simple style. Decorate your bedroom with plain style quilts, rugs and curtains. Place some wooden toys and hang a simple decoration on your bedroom wall. You can have simple flooring with plain furniture. Generally off-white colors and earthy shades of brown, green and blue are used to give an early American look.


  1. Great little piece on the various bedding styles that you can use to create the effect you are looking for. Bed linen and wallpaper are key choices in really creating the right mood in the bedroom.

  2. where do you get all of the wallpaper and furniture in the country style room? My daughter wants her room exactly like it. Thank you

  3. I love the patchwork quilt in the country style room, Do you know where you can buy it from? Thank you

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