Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Counter-tops have a tremendous effect on the look and design of your kitchen. The many choices available now-a-days in market offer varying cost, design, style, weight, durability.

The kitchen counter-top idea plays an important role in the plan and style. The kitchen counter top idea is one of the largest and most observable to any one in the kitchen. The kitchen counter top creates the impression like the kitchen as modern or classic. We can build our kitchen counter-top as per climatic conditions, localities, nature and many other different types. Before making the kitchen counter-top idea we need to calculate all the requirements of drawers, cabinets and the counter-top. Budget is also an important factor we need to keep in mind while selecting any kind of counter-top.

Following are the different kinds of kitchen counter top:

  • Granite Counters

Granite is one of the most popular choices for the kitchen in comparison with the others in its competition. Granite is the most expensive type of countertop, so we need to plan our budget. It is believed that a quality counter top defines a kitchen.

  • Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is made up of 93% quartz particles. It is available in a variety of colors than granite and it has a nonporous surface and that is why it resists scratches. It is easy to maintain and does not require the annual sealing required by other natural stones. They are available in a number of colors and are extremely durable.

  • Solid Surface

These types of solid surface counter tops are solid and the most scratches can be sanded from them. They come in rainbow colors and models, seamless, stain resistant.

  • Ceramic Tile

People are more using this kind of counter tops as they are durable and easy to clean. The cost of these counter tops are inexpensive, they are a greater choice for any average kitchen. These counter tops takes hot pans, easy to clean, wide in range and are available in different colors, textures and designs.

  • Laminates

Laminate counter tops is the most popular and affordable to use. They are made of plastic coated synthetic material. It has a very smooth surface that is usually easy to clean.

  • Wood or Butcher Block

They have a different rustic look and are available in the wide range of finishes and timbers as compared to its competitors in the market. Hardwood such as oak and maple are used in the Kitchen counter tops.

  • Stainless Steel Counters

We can get a modern look with the stainless steel counter tops. As it is heat resistant and durable and is constructed accurately to our specifications so you can expect a seamless finish.

  • Marble Kitchen Counter-tops

The marble kitchen counter tops are expensive that’s why they are not generally seen in the whole kitchen. In order to get a luxurious look, we can use them to the baking center. These counter tops require regular maintenance, as they easily get dirty.

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