Here are some of the Vastu tips which you can implement on your master bedroom for a good health wealth and spirit.

For the Master Bedroom

  • It is recommended to have a master bedroom towards the south west direction only. Any other direction could result to hazardous health issues, financial problems etc. South west direction is the ideal place to have a master bedroom as this represents the element Earth. If the bedroom is in the south-east direction of the Main building, then it can lead to unnecessary quarrels, wasteful Expenditure and financial troubles. This place should not be used as bedroom and should only be used as office.
  • Keep your bed towards south direction and sleep with your head in the South. Make sure to place the bed in such a way that when couple gets up in the morning after a sound sleep he or she should face towards North direction. This would help in bring sound sleep and good health and prosperity.
  • Bedroom should not be in the middle of the building or house.
  • Heavy articles should be kept in the south-west corner of your master bed room. The bed should also be placed in the south or the west direction of the room.
  • Lot of care should be taken while sleeping. Sleeping with legs towards the north will increase wealth and prosperity. Sleeping with legs towards the west gives mental peace and will increase your liking towards Spiritualism. Sleeping with legs towards the east will give you name, Fame and prosperity. However, if you sleep with the legs towards the south, you will not have a sound Sleep. You will always feel heavy and always get bad thoughts in your dreams.
  • TV & computer should be avoided in the bed room. However, if it is to be kept in the south-east corner of the bedroom. Remember not to keep TV or Computer opposite to your bed as it will act as a mirror and would reflect negative rays. Any other electrical appliances should be in the south-east corner of the bedroom.
  • The door of the bedroom should be in the east or north or west direction.
  • Almirahs, huge wardrobes and showcases should be in the south or the west walls.
  • Bathroom if is attached to your bedroom should be in the West or the north side direction. The door of an attached bathroom should always remain closed.
  • Mirrors should be fixed on east or north walls for your bedroom.
  • Keep in mind not to keep safe in the Bedroom. However if it is kept then it should be kept in the south direction. Make sure that opens in the North direction only.
  • If you have a bookshelf then it is advised to place it in the west or southwest corner of your bedroom. While reading it is suggested to face towards East direction.
  • Iron material bed should be avoided. Always use wooden material to construct bed for the master bedroom.
  • The shape of the bedroom should be square or rectangle. No other shape is allowed as the guidelines of Vastu.
  • Ideal colors for the walls of the bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and green. The master bedroom and the guest room should be painted in different hues of blue for a good sleep. Marble stone should not be used in the bedroom of the newly married couple.
  • Do not place divine idols in the bedroom.
  • Avoid mirrors. They should not be kept opposite to the bed. Keep in mind that as soon as you get up your reflection should not come on the mirror. This will generate negative energies within you and can lead to health effects. However, if essential, place them preferably along the North East wall.
  • There should not be any beam crossing over the bed. If it exists, proper rectification should be done immediately otherwise the health will be affected.
  • All the electronic gadgets should be placed at a distance from the bed as the Electro- magnetic waves emitted by them interferes with the sleep.
  • The mattress used on the double bed should be a single one.

The above tips are drafted with reference to a master bedroom and do not apply for children room, guest room, servant room or any other room.

Where should be the Bedrooms Located?

Direction Suitability
North – West (Vayuvya) Direction is best suited for Guest’s Bed Room
North – East (Eashan) Direction is ideal for Kids Bed Room or as study room
South – West (Nairutya) Direction is best suited for Master Bed Room or for the newly married couple as it is the direction ruled by Kama & Rahu
              West Direction is perfect for female members of the family

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  1. Excellent & innovative ideas u shared. thank you.please suggest me from where i can get skilled carpenter or, how it is possible to make furniture as per your design.

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