Kitchen and Bathroom Themes

Kitchen plays a very important role in any house. It is not only a place where mommies cook food. It is also the place where the people apply their creativity and innovate while cooking and make their profession. This is also the place where guest like to visit and make their views regarding your lifestyle and standards. Designing and maintenance of the Kitchens throws the first impression on the guest as well as friends. It gives them opportunity to judge your standards of living. Therefore, one must remodel its kitchen so that so as to not only make it look clean and tidy but also to make it a wonderful place to work in. There are many themes based on which you can remodel your kitchen. You can give your kitchen a retro effect or a French country effect or Italian effect while remodeling your kitchen.

Here are some great themes which you can use to decorate your kitchen:


Tropical decor are popular nowadays. They are the hot cakes for the people. You can use this theme if you want a relaxing environment. You can use wallpaper featuring palm trees in your kitchen to give it a tropical look. You can use many accents to complement with this theme. Hang few kitchen accessories like palm tree spoon holder etc to give an amazing look.

French Country

French country themes are also the perfect themes to decorate your kitchen. They are just perfect as they give a formal as well an informal look to the kitchen. You can give a French country flavor to your kitchen by including large pieces of furniture decorated with carvings.  Retro – Give your kitchen a retro effect. Decorating your kitchen with retro themes would be a great fun.  Retro decor is a very popular theme. Create a homely atmosphere in the kitchen with bright colors of the 30’s (like shades of green color or cream color, or the 50’s (like shades of blue or aqua or pink color, or the 60’s (green and orange etc).


You can bring in a small Italy to you home by decorating your kitchen in Italic theme. Color the kitchen walls with earthy hues, including rust, terracotta or burnt orange. Locate architectural pieces in your kitchen. Include lots of greenery and place a glass table with metal frame.


Decorate your kitchen with animals like cows, cats or any other. You can create a decorating theme with these animals. Fill the kitchen with great animal themed accessories.


Paint the walls with white color and include fruits like grapes, cherries, strawberries in your kitchen. You can also use wall papers featuring different fruits and vegetables to decorate your kitchen. Add apple shaped spoon stand and dishes and bowls featuring fruits and vegetables. Include a fruit basket to add character to the kitchen.


Include adventure in your kitchen. Animal themed curtains and dishes can be used to decorate your kitchen.

Bathroom themes

Bathroom is one of the most important places in your home. It is often used by you to get ready and to freshen up to start a new day. It is the place which you use early in the morning very soon you get up from your bed. Based on all these factors it becomes more important for you to keep the bathroom clean and furnished like any other room in your house. This would also promote the concept of hygiene at your place. Enhance the overall look of the bathroom with beautiful themes. It gives a beautiful feeling of luxury and comfort. You can use different tiles like Glass tiles, Decorative tiles, Slate tiles, Porcelain bathroom tile, Mosaic tiles and Bathroom floor tiles like Ceramic floor tiles, Modern tiles based on your themes. Include soap dish Holders, curtains, tooth brush holder etc. They are available in variety of shapes designs and sizes to match every kind of bathroom. You can choose animal shape holders, acrylic holders or tilted shape holders. You can place them on the sides of the sink or can fit them on the wall. You can also hang curtains based on your themes in your bathroom.

Here are some of the bathroom themes which you can use to decorate your bathroom:

Flower based theme

You can decorate your bathroom with a white and red color floral scheme. This would add a whimsical look within the bathroom.  It would be fun to observe counter-tops, walls, drawers decorated with floral textures while taking bath.

Sea beach theme

Create a beach themed retreat with warm blue color shades and watery blue colored accents. Decorate the bathroom with soft linens and seating. Add some creative mirror frames to the walls with collage of sea shells. Hang blue color shower curtains or shell beaded blinds. You can place a shell like soap dish and a tooth brush holder to give it a unique look.

Rain forest Bathroom theme

You can paint the bathroom with Jungle adventures. You can decorate the bathroom walls with heaps of wild animals. Buy or enlarge posters with different animals and hang or paste them on the walls. To give a real jungle look you can make wooden cabinets hung on one of the tree branches. Place animal framed mirrors to give it an amazing look.

Themes for children

Aquarium theme, Space theme based bathroom, Race Car theme, Storybook theme, Ducky stylish, Hello Kitty are some of the popular themes which kids like to decorate their bathroom with.

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