Blue Kitchen Color Scheme

Blue is the color of relaxation. It is the color which gives the feeling of calmness, coolness and freshness. Choosing blue color for your kitchen would be a great idea as it is a unique color and you generally do not find this color occurring in any of the food items. The blue color in the kitchen generates freshness in the kitchen area. It helps in building a relaxed and peaceful environment. However, you should be careful while deciding on the hues of blue as each and every shade in blue reveals a different atmosphere. Light shades of blue are considered to be airy and open. On the other hand the dark shades of blue symbolize good wealth, health, and strength in the individuals. Following are few ways of using blue color in your kitchen:

Paint the walls with blue and green. Green color is a soothing color. Green goes very well with hues of blue. Green shades are widely used to decorate the walls of the kitchen. You can use a sage green color with a tint of white or off-white color to give your kitchen a traditional or a country feeling. Add cabinets with brown natural shades. For a contemporary look, use green and bright blue color with white tints. You can also use silver accents to give a rich feel.

Blue is a great color. It gives an elegant look when mixed with other colors. It gets blend easily with pink and yellow floral colors. The combination of blue with pink and yellow builds an amazing feeling in the kitchens. Dark shades of blue can also do wonders. Paint the walls with white or light blue shade and decorate your kitchen by placing accessories like spoon stand or decorative plate colored in darker blue shades to bring in a different environment altogether.

Blue Kitchen Color Scheme
The blue color in the kitchen generates freshness in the kitchen area

You can also use blue with contrast colors. They go well with almost all colors. You can paint the walls with brighter shades of blue and can paint the cabinets or accessories with shades of yellow. You can also paint your walls in sky blue shades with pink color striped blinds. This will make your kitchen look completely unique and beautiful.

Blue color goes well with furniture. You can paint the walls of your kitchen with white or cream shades and place the furniture colored with shades of light blue. This will give your kitchen a feeling of cold. You can also place natural wooden color furniture by painting the walls with Turquoise. Turquoise goes well especially with dark natural wooden textures and will give your kitchen a welcoming look.

It is advised to avoid dark shades of blue on the wall. Also avoid navy blue as it is does not give a very good look especially if you have a large kitchen. You can use kitchen accessories or fixtures colored in these shades. If you have small kitchen then dark and navy blue shades on the wall will make the kitchen look congested and cluttered. It will also make it look smaller and darker. A lot many things like lighting effects etc have to be taken care of if you really want your kitchen walls to be painted in Navy blue color. You would also then have to bring in white shade cabinets, countertops and other accessories to balance the color.

You can paint your walls in slate blue color. This color contains more of grey color in it. Get fix your wooden cabinets and floors in slate blue color while wall painted in sky blue or white. This would help you in creating a soothing atmosphere in the kitchen.

Few points to keep in mind:

  • The lighting should be given greater emphasis. It should be properly installed. It is advised to first judge lighting of the kitchen i.e how much natural light it gets in the day time before painting the walls of the kitchen.
  • It is recommended to give more emphasis to the color of kitchen walls and cabinets and less to the other accessories. Generally majority of a color should be used in the walls and cabinets.
  • You can add tints and shades to give a life to your kitchen. You can also paint the kitchen walls with more than one color.
  • Decorate your kitchen by adding a handicraft or a painting. Place a wall clock which matches with the theme of your kitchen. This will bring in a beauty in your kitchen.

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