Kitchen Color Schemes

All kitchens eventually need a bit of cosmetic updating and when that time comes for you, there are considerations to keep in mind before you make a final decision on the color scheme that will work best. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are you the only one making the decision as to what decorating color scheme to use, or do you live with others who want to be just as involved? If it’s just you, it will be easy to figure out what room color scheme you want to use. If others are involved, you will need to work together in coming up with the best solution for everyone.
  • What are the likes, dislikes and preferences of everyone involved in making the decision for the kitchen decorating color scheme? Ideally, the person who spends the most time in the kitchen should have the most say in what the final choice will be. The end result needs to be able to create feelings of happiness, warmth and coziness.
  • Do you like colorful, contemporary, or cozy? Your answer to this question is going to make a huge difference in what the final choice of your kitchen color scheme will be. For instance, colors such as gold or yellow convey the feeling of coziness. A contemporary kitchen will not have clutter, relying more on clean lines.
  • What is the size of your kitchen? If it is small and you want to create the illusion of more space, stick to a lighter color scheme. Larger kitchens can be painted in warmer colors to make it seem cozier.
  • How open do you want your kitchen to be? If you want others to always feel they are welcome to hang out with you while you’re cooking, the overall color scheme you choose should convey that. Country kitchens are famous for creating this feeling in people. The contemporary kitchen is less inviting and more uniform.

Here are 3 popular color scheme types:

  • Country Color Schemes
  • Mexican Color Schemes
  • Modern Color Schemes

Country Color Schemes

Country kitchens offer such warmth and coziness that you never have to hang a welcome sign over the door for family and friends to come in and chat with you as you cook or bake. You will really enjoy this kitchen if you always loved being with your mother or grandmother while they were whipping up cookies or fresh baked bread. Creating a cozy color scheme can take you back into a past you never want to forget.

Try combining a soft yellow color with a French blue trim for a feeling of warmth and coziness. Green accents such at plants and kitchen linens. For your kitchen table, a cloth covering in blue or yellow and white checks will convey even more of a welcome. Dark cloth napkins and place-mats help to enhance the look. Don’t forget to add candles or oil lamps for soft lighting.

Mexican Kitchen Color Schemes

One of the most fun kitchen color schemes is that of a Mexican one. There are many choices at your disposal and they don’t have to be budget breakers. Mexican kitchens are warm and filled with bright and vibrant colors. Such colors as cobalt blue and terracotta orange will transform your ordinary kitchen into lively and cheerful one. A lot of the desired effects can be achieved just by painting. Try other items besides a paint brush to apply it. Sponges or feather dusters turn out to be truly unique paint jobs.

If using dark colors makes you uneasy, go with ivory and soft shades of blue for a look of elegance. You can really become brave and paint a mural on one of the walls. Simply adding a Mexican painting will add some authenticity as well.

Red and yellow creates a spicy environment. Accenting with green and purple only serves to make the kitchen color scheme even brighter. For a true Mexican flair, use turquoise and pair it with a soft ivory or stark white. Mexican people are true aficionados of joy, light, and cheer. So keep this in mind when you are selecting the decorating color scheme for your Mexican kitchen. This is one of the easiest of all kitchens to create.

Modern Kitchen Color Schemes

Contemporary kitchens have no limits on what colors to choose, although good color schemes tend to include tan, black, red, neon green, and beige. White, of course, is a standard in whatever look you are trying to achieve. Wall decorations are not usually needed, as the whole point of the contemporary look is to be uncluttered and clean.

Perfect accessories to a contemporary kitchen are plants and possibly a wall clock. However, keep things to a minimum so that you do not spoil the clean look that is necessary for a contemporary look.

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