Tips to Decorate Kids Room

One has to see lot many things while decorating a home. The home owner has to see each and everything consciously while planning, choosing and implementing the things. One minor error can also make the things worse. However, these things do not go much when you are decorating the kids room. Kids’ room is the only room where you can go wild and can do anything you wish to. You can be as creative as you can. You can also involve kids into this and can take their views. And of course they will be very happy when they will know that their room will be decorated in the way they wanted to. So do not think much and just allow your kids to give their views. Surely you will come across with certain unique and beautiful decoration ideas.  Here are few tips which you can consider before decorating your kids room:


First step is to decide on the theme. Just as you decide a theme for your home you should first decide a theme for your kid’s room. There are many themes from which you can select any one and can start the work on it. You can decorate your kid bathroom with car racing theme or with underwater theme. Circus is the one towards which boys are more attracted to. You can also paint the bathroom with Jungle adventures. It is suggested to involve your kid while selecting a suitable theme.  You can also use simple decoration ideas on the walls to make the bedroom look attractive. Painting of walls with different color combinations is the cheapest and easiest way to decorate the bathroom.

Age of kids

The age of the kids play a very important role while selecting the theme. Kids between the ages 8 to 12 would love to decorate their room with different themes and pictures. However, as the kids grow up and become teenagers, their needs and requirement also changes. The vanity kit and the mirror become more important elements than the other designer ideas. They keep large collection of cosmetics and other accessories while getting ready for colleges and parties. Therefore, in this case while designing the room for the teenager it becomes more important to focus on the functionality rather than on fun based themes.

Make the room bright and colorful

Tips to Decorate Kids Room
Kids’ room is the only room where you can go wild and can do anything you wish to

As it is kids’ room, the room should be bright and colorful. The room should reflect the picture of the kids. Choose bright colors to decorate the walls. You can use more than two to three colors to decorate the room. Use yellow, orange, pink shades of colors which can brighten the room. You can use various accessories like toys or games to decorate the room.

Print and designs

There are plenty of designs, colors and styles available in the market. Instead of using plain and simple bed sheets you can use something with designs and beautiful patterns to make the kids room look lovely. You can use Fabric like spandex, rayon velvet etc for your little ones. Use curtains featuring cartoon characters or jungle book. If it the room for a girl kid then you can use prints of flowers, Barbie dolls etc. Buy some beautiful cushion covers, bed covers, bed sheets and quilts which perfectly match with the theme of the room.

Comfortable bed

Bed is the centerpiece in the kid’s bedroom. The bed should be comfortable and should fit perfectly with the room theme. Beds are available in various themes. There are racing beds, cartoon characters beds and of every theme which you can think off.

Hang Paintings and photographs

The room remains incomplete if there are no photographs or pictures. Hang a picture or photograph of your kid to make it a complete room. You can also hang few nice paintings which your kids made. This will not only make the kid happy but also will boost their mood to do something more creative. You can also hang a shelf on the wall where your kid can display his art and work.

Lighting and the lampshades

Lighting plays a very important role. It just cannot be ignored. Bring in some light fittings that can offer the right lighting to the room. You can use task lights so that he can sit and study or do some creative art work. You can also use accent lights to give the room a dramatic look.

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