Bean bag chair is one of favorite chairs for children and the adult to hang out. Bean bag not only gives the comfort to the family members but also makes the room look stylish and modern. Bean bags are the best chairs to relax and pass time. You can keep bean bags in the drawing room or in the dining room for relaxation. They are available in various colors and style. However one has to maintain it a lot to keep it clean and tidy. A Bean bag normally contains bean, PVC pellet or expanded polystyrene. This material allows the unstructured bag to take the shape of the occupant and thus makes the chairs more comfortable and relaxed.   The covers are made of variety of fabrics and each and every cover need a different care. Bean bag though adds style and fashion, they are quite difficult to clean and maintain too. Here are few steps which would guide you to wash, clean and maintain your favorite bean bag chair:

  • Firstly unzip the cover and pull the liner out which contains the filler. In case the filler is loose then you can pour it into the trash bag or any other container. Remove the cotton covers and then wash it in the washing machine. It is advised to add bit of soft detergent in the cool or warm water and wash the bean bag cover in the machine. Rinse the bean bag cover and then allow the cover to dry in the air. You can also machine dry on low or medium heat. Check that the cover is thoroughly dry. When the cover is completely dry you can then place the loose filler or lining.
  • Cleaning a Bean Bag Chair
    Cleaning a Bean Bag Chair

    If you have a vinyl bean bags then you can wipe it and clean it with a cloth. Dip the cloth in warm water containing soap or detergent and then rub it on the bean bag. In case you find any stubborn spots on the fabric then scrub it off in a circular direction with a toothbrush soaked in the water and detergent and then wipe the cover with a dry and clean cloth.

  • You can now keep the Brush suede-covered bean bags clean by regularly cleaning them with suede eraser. You can also use a damp terry cloth and rub off dried stains. It is then advised to brush metal suede brush over the cover in circular motions. This will clean the suede. After the cleanup you can then spray the fabric with a protective spray. These sprays are especially made for suede protection.
  • If you have a push bean bag then use a damp cloth to rub spots off. You can then wipe off the dust on the rest of the bag. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the heavy layer of dust on the bean bag before wiping it with the cloth. Now brush the nap and smooth the clumps if any using a plastic bristle brush.
  • You can wipe your velour bean bags with a cloth. If there are tough strains then dip the damp cloth in water containing detergent and rub it off on the strain. Wipe it with a dry cloth and allow the fabric to dry.
  • Leather bean bags have a different charm altogether. Dust them regularly so as to remove dust and maintain its charm. Use clean towel or a cloth to dust them. You can wipe the leather once in a month with a damp cloth. If there are tough strains then dip the damp cloth in water containing detergent and rub it off on the strain. Always rub in the circular motion to remove the strains. To maintain the durability and looks of the leather bag apply leather conditioner in every 3 to 6 months.


      1. 1. Mix one part white vinegar to two parts linseed oil. Food grade linseed oil is available at some grocery stores and specialty markets. There are also commercial linseed oil products available for cleaning leather.

        2. Dampen a lint-free cloth in the vinegar solution and apply it to the chair in a circular motion. The vinegar will cut through the grime, and the linseed oil will condition the leather so that it doesn’t crack and is more stain resistant.

        3. Leave the solution on the chair overnight so that it can dissolve the grime and work into the leather fibers.

        4. Buff the excess vinegar solution from the chair with a clean, lint-free cloth. Make sure to remove all the excess solution so lint and dirt does not stick to it.

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