Decorating Your Hallways

Generally, it’s been found that we concentrate more on decorating the rooms of our house. We will decorate them with different styles and patterns but tend to forget the areas like hallways, corridors or passages. These places are often ignored by the homeowners and so they remain dark and featureless for long. A little work can do wonders on these areas. Here are some simple tips which you can consider to make you hallway a standout.


  • Include rugs. This is one of easiest way to decorate the hallway. This would not only give a hallway a different look but will make it an attractive place. If the hallway area is long then you can place multiple rugs to cover that area. If you have hardwood flooring or stone flooring then you can use small inches of rugs as this would add extra beauty to the floor.
  • Paint the walls with lighter shades of color. Paint in blue or red or white of your choice. Lighter shades will make your hallway look spacious. It will also give it a cooling touch to your hallway. You can also add bold wallpaper patterns of your choice.
  • Add some architectural designs to the hallway.  Add a chair rail or a table with some accessories on it. Best way would be by painting the walls in white cream shade and place a cherry red furnished chair rail.
  • Decorating Your Hallways
    A well decorated hallway

    Hallway is the place where you generally get very less natural light if it in the back of the house leading towards a room or a garage. In that case you can paint the walls with lighter shades like light yellow or light green so that they will open up the dark corridor. Use natural colors only where there is ample natural light. For example if the hallway is in the front entry.

  • Paint baseboard trim and door in neutral tones. This will help in bringing out the color of the walls.
  • If your hallway is at the entrance, then it is advised not to overcrowd that place. This will make the hallway more congested and will interfere will walking.
  • Furnish the hallway that suits with the wall color. You can use hardwood or a natural stone tiles for flooring. Make sure the wall color should complement the flooring.
  • Decorate the hallway with decorative mirrors or any artwork. You can also place picture or a poster which best suits the home interior. Get the artwork or the picture framed in gold or silver framing patterns and hang them on the center of the hallway wall.
  • Add artificial lighting. You can find variety of lighting fixtures. If your budget does not permit you to buy high end fixtures then you can choose low cost fixtures. However, make sure that they are of good quality. You can also decorate hallway with wall lighting sconces. This will add decorative touches and will not make the hallway overcrowded.
  • Place vase with few colorful flowers on the table. You can place fresh seasonal flowers like orchids, red roses on the table to decorate the hallway. Avoid using huge bunches of flower.
  • Add a framed photographs of your family on the wall
  • Use eye catching lighting fixtures. Your hallway throws the first impression on your visitor. You can add dramatic light-shade.
  • Place fresh green plants and herbs in the hallway. This would create a welcoming atmosphere and will add a touch of nature in the hallway.

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