Coffee Table Buying Guide

Whether it is the suburban mansions or it is the studio apartments, town houses, living rooms, country houses everywhere there is a need of important furniture which features coffee table. With more and more people going for online shopping the market is flooded with designer and traditional coffee tables. Though this option has brought about a change in the shopping scenario but still some have enjoyed it while others are not able to get the best out of it. The traditional set up for the coffee table consists of a center which is covered through the orchestra pit forming the part of the furniture of living room. The table is usually filled with different stuff like books, fresh flowers, magazines, dinner plates, coasters and the last is the coffee. One will surely want to know about the best area to arrange your coffee table that goes with your lifestyle. Living room is the ideal place along with the stylish and trendy accessories to adorn the table. With the right selection you will surely be able to give a unique appearance to the room.

The coffee table is usually placed right in the center so that it increases the charm of the room. The decoration has to be keeping in mind the texture and the style of the table. A better option is to put the furniture together so that everything looks in perfect sink and well managed. If you don’t put the things in the right place the room can look haphazard and spoil the overall look too.

A few important considerations for the coffee table are its size, the material that will be used and the style that you are looking for. This will set the mood when you sit on the table.

Before you make the final choice there are three things which you have to remember. They are style, usage and proportion. Once you consider the needs in each of the fields it will become easy to manage your work.


Coffee table is one of the unique furniture’s that you will find in your home. It is because this is the place where all the family members can sit together and have a cup of coffee. Along with the coffee you can enjoy snacks, watch TV, read books and many other things. This is the best time when the family can relax and have a good time together. Therefore keeping the above factors in mind will help you to decide about the durability of the coffee table and how you want to use it. Attractive look of the room is necessary so that the overall charm of the room remains the same.


Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Coffee table should be designed in such a way that it is easy to clean and things should not slide when kept on it. Rustic wood, stone etc are some of the brilliant choices. The edges should be smooth so that the children do not get hurt. You can consider tray-topped ottoman choice which is quite excellent.

Some people use the coffee table for dinner too so select the furniture which is spacious and there is no problem in sitting. You can even go for a folded table which occupies less and at the same time serves the purpose.


If you want to add some drawers in the table then look for the clutter control function. Even racks can be a good option as it helps you to keep the magazines as well as books. In case you want something unique then you can try chest, stacks and trunk which are perfect for the coffee table, on the other hand if it is just a place for relaxing then style will not be the concern for you.


The shape of the coffee table depend upon your choice as there are numerous choices which you can explore but the most common one is the textbook coffee table which has a rectangular shape. The manufacturers are able to create to endless designs that go with the style and your choice. A rectangular table is the ideal choice and it can never be a bad decision. If many guests come to your home then oval or a circular one can also do. Round tables are excellent as it helps in communication and at the same time easy to manage. In square tables it appears as if other people are far from you and it is difficult to maintain. If you room has a square shape then try some other style but avoid placing it in rooms which are small. The larger rooms can be embellished with the square tables as it is just perfect. For multiple seating arrangements you can go for tiered coffee tables.


The coffee table should go with the existing decor or it will look mismatched. You can either have a modern taste or a traditional one so according to your choice you can with whichever option is excellent. Your coffee table can acts a decoration for the center so choose a beautiful table with appealing looks.

Creating a focal point adds a vibrant look to the room. There are exclusive designs and shape to select from the huge range. You can easily try the option of “personality tables” which go very well with the different themes. When you are going for shopping you can carry a photograph of your room so that you can understand the suitable style of table. Consider the finishing of the table along with the size of the room. Unless you know the exact dimensions of the room it will be difficult to find whether the table will be apt or not. For small rooms transparent glasses are best as it allows light to pass thus creating a bigger look. Thus it is all about your setting and which style you select that it goes with the interiors of the room as well as the size of the room.


Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in a variety of size but you need to see the size of your room first. A few tips will help you to decide whether the table is a great option or not. The very first thing is the height of the table and it should not be more than the height of the sofa. It can be somewhere around the sofa or the cushion. The second one is that keep some distance around the table so that it is easy to move about. When you need to serve the food it is important that there is space to walk around freely. So measure the dimensions of the room and the table that you want as half of the work will be finished. Now you just have to select the shape and style. This makes your shopping easy and just a perfect selection. If you love to sit on the floor then the height of the table should be accordingly. The only thing is that remember the thumb rule and you will surely be able to pick the right coffee table.


The size of the table should be according to the size or it can spoil the look of the room. You are free to bring any style you want to create in the room but see that some space is left after the table is adjusted. There should be space for the movement and people can seat themselves comfortably.

The surface is an important concern because the height should be perfect or it can create problem in sitting. The dimensions of the table should be such that it can accommodate dishes if used as a dining table too. Lids and racks can be added to the table for keeping some items rather than displaying it on the table. This will leave some space on the table and a neat look. The ottoman is the brilliant choice as it has racks as well trunks which can be used for placing some items and keeping the table clean. It serves as a multi functional table that can be used both as a dining table and a coffee table.


Glass coffee tables

Such kinds of tables are best for rooms which are small as it gives a spacious look to the room and one will feel comfortable. The room has a airy feeling and just perfect option.

But in case you have children then consider the fact that it is used safely. The glass can break if not handled properly. Though it is the hard glass used for tables but still can be dangerous. So go through the guidelines about the safety to prevent any kind of accident.

Wooden coffee tables

This is quite popular as a variety of woods are used. You have the simple pine to the stunning and designer wooden tables.

MDF can also be used in making the tables as it requires less maintenance and easy cleaning.  The real beauty of the wood comes out when it is furnished with excellent color combination that enhances the overall look of the room. Hence you have innumerable choices to discover and make the right choice regarding the style that you want.

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