Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide

Kitchen appliances consume a lot of money and efficiency is the most important element that one would be looking for. The design as well as the complete structure of the kitchen can be used for years therefore it is necessary that you pick the right appliance which is useful and makes your work easy. The excellent combination can bring about a difference in your kitchen and at the same time enhance the appearance adding an elegant look.

You can either be shifting in a new home or you want to renovate your kitchen purchasing a refrigerator is very tough. The condition of the refrigerator may not be good or it might not be in the working condition hence there can be several reasons for the buying the brand new refrigerator. There are many brands together with the innumerable models that it becomes quite difficult to make the selection if you are not clear with the idea of shopping for the new one. It will be time taking and you may not pick the best model.

So go through the below guide and find out the tips to make the right choice for the kitchen appliance:

First Things First

Before buying the appliance, measure the area where the appliance will be kept. You need to see whether there is enough space or not. In case you are replacing the appliance then it is simple but make sure that the dimensions of the new appliance are also more or less similar. If you are bringing the appliance in a new home then ensure that there is some space left even when the appliance is kept or it can block the ways. Especially the doors should be completely open so that there is no blocking of the pathways.


When you are thinking of buying the appliances keep in mind your needs. If suppose your stove is not working and you are looking for a burner it will be better that you prefer the  model of six burner rather than the standard 4 burner. Similarly if the dishwasher that you are using is not able to handle the number of utensils you can go for the three rack dishwasher which has enough space to manage the utensils.

The needs are best satisfied when you get something that is far superior that what you were looking for. Though the price is a little higher but still can be used for a longer time. Take out some time and collect information about the brand and the model that satisfies your needs only then your selection will be great.

Appliance Sizes

Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide
Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide

The appliances are present in various sizes which not only suit your taste but also the style as well as the preference. Measure the total space that will be consumed or look for a region that is best suitable for the appliance. For example when you are purchasing the refrigerator you can think of a height that fits below the cabinets or a stove that is not able to fit in the required space.

In order to find the exact dimension you can take the help of the old one. The dimensions of the new one will be slightly different from the old one hence you are able to get an idea about the amount of space that will be taken. During installation there will be no problem.


The cost of the appliance depends upon the brand which you are purchasing and the style that you are looking for. Most people go for the model which is less costly and hence compromise with the quality. Do not do so. Cheaper models are prepared from materials which are weak and so are not durable. So always try to look for the best model which is affordable and works for a longer time.

The charges for the installation are not included in the price so you will have to pay some extra charges. Give some time to compare the different models along with the features in order to make the right selection.

Options and Features

If you haven’t shopped for the kitchen appliance since a long time then you will be amazed with the countless choices available before you. More are the features greater will be the price so according to your budget you can decide whichever is perfect for you.

The best way is to jot down your requirements so that it is easy for you to shop for the model that fits in the criteria. Never compromise with the quality and purchase the best one meeting the standard.


Warranty is an important element hence takes the help of the dealer to tell you the duration of the warranty.  Apart from the normal warranty you also have the extended warranty that will serve the purpose.

Extra warranty is specially offered on kitchen appliances and most people think that it is not a good product or will not last too long. This is not the case and warranty helps to increase the life of the appliance.

Getting an extra warranty is always beneficial as your product can be repaired or changed during that time period. If anything goes wrong the appliance can be corrected if it is under warranty.



There are different types of dishwasher available in the market as it easily fits in to your kitchen without much problem. The design as well as the versatility is one feature that you should look for. The appliances are costly so buy the best one that you like. Consider the quality as well as the space in the kitchen. Stainless steel dishwasher is preferable because it is easy to clean and is durable. The noise control feature should be overlooked but attention must be paid and handled it well.

If your family is large and there are many members you can go for the two dishwashers as it is can accommodate many utensils without making the kitchen dirty. A latest option is to but a washer which comes with a drawer that can be slided. It requires space hence if there the space is small then single one is the right option.

The technology has made the dishwasher advanced because you can now use it with fewer water supplies and less detergent. It is all to maximize the output with the use of less energy. Such options are good for environment and are helpful for energy consumption too.


Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide
Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide

Some people really get confused with the ovens and the cooktops but both are different. When you are going to design a fresh kitchen you must have everything. Most people are going for the large Cooktops that can be placed anywhere you like in the kitchen. Though there are numerous choices but island cooktops are more in demand. With this set up you can cook the food and at the same time interact with the guests and see your children. You also have Electric residential cooktops but it will be good if you buy the gas models as it is safer to use and easy to maintain.

When it comes to ventilation then too one will come across a variety of choices. The technology has brought about the revolution that cooking can be done at a faster with less consumption of the energy. Induction cooking is also emerging as one of the ways which are superb. It makes the use of magnetic force and is safe for use in everyday life.


If you have space in the kitchen and your budgets permits you to buy the oven then you can go forward with the shopping. There are different kinds of oven which are able to cook any kind of food in just few minutes. People who are health conscious will surely love this option. Convection ovens are suitable as it circulates the heat and maintains the overall temperature.

As in the case of the dishwasher the people are going for the double dishwasher therefore in oven too people are buying two ovens that will help to reduce the problems. If you have two ovens it means that you can cook on both of them and it will save your time. Especially when the guests arrive it will be difficult to cook on one oven so you can purchase two ovens which do not involve much of heat but still the food prepared is quality based. Warming drawers are also present which keeps the food hot and there is no need to warm it again and again.


Once you have decided about all the kitchen appliances the next thing which you need to purchase is the refrigerator but the space is the issue which you need to resolve.

The refrigerator comes in different shapes, styles and sizes so according to your needs and the space you can place the order for the required one. Nowadays you have the double door refrigerator which works extremely well. If your family is big then you need a big one that is spacious and is able to accommodate all the items which need to be kept.

The various styles of the refrigerator include top to bottom, multipurpose, paneled, drawer style and many other. It will be better that you go through the available styles and then decide as mere looking at the model is not enough. You must know the features and whether that model will be useful for you or not. Hence there are lots of things which you need to consider so keep in mind. 21” refrigerators are also available so think before your purchase. Browse other options for more choices.

Bar fridge is an excellent choice as it consists of drawers as well as panels which can be used for storing any kind of item you want. Such appliances are becoming popular with more and more people getting used to it. The wooden panels provide a safety feature to the appliance.

Shopping for the appliances may not be exciting but if you take interest you will surely love the experience. You just have to see your requirements and then compare the prices so that you are able to make the best selection. Your appliances will be durable and one will be satisfied.

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