Decorating Bedroom with a Beach Theme

A bedroom is a place where a person rests, relaxes, and unwinds. A right bedroom ambience and decor are important to set the right mood and make the space look restful. For people who don’t have time for a vacation, a beach theme bedroom is the perfect solution to create a peaceful and relaxing space without leaving the home. All beach lovers can transform an ordinary bedroom into a beach theme bedroom by following a few simple decorating ideas and techniques. It’s vital to select the appropriate colors, furniture, fabrics, and decorative items to design the space. For a huge sized bedroom with plenty of windows, it’s recommended to decorate into a breezy and a natural looking space. Smaller bedrooms can be decorated by using selected items that give the feeling of a beach. A beach theme bedroom should be simple and light and not busy or bold.

Listed below are some of the ideas for a beach theme bedroom decor:

  • Use light and breezy colors such as blue, yellow, and beige that are synonymous with sky and sea, sun, and sand respectively. Soft blues and whites create a serene atmosphere and a wonderful beach theme for the bedroom. Other color suggestions are sea-foam green, coral, pastel yellow, brown, and cream.
  • Use of accents such as sea shells, beach-theme photos and artwork, ocean prints, oars, anchors, and other seaside accessories can help bring out the beach into the bedroom.
  • Decorating a Bedroom with a Beach Theme
    Bedroom with a Beach Theme

    Beach style lighting could include clear glass lamps filled with shells and sand. Lighthouse or sailboat shaped lamps and lanterns could also be used to provide beach style lighting.

  • Blue and white stripped bedding with ocean print pillows can enhance the look of a beach theme bedroom. Bed sheets and pillow covers with patterns of shells, starfish, palm trees, and ocean are easily available in the market to decorate the bed.
  • Keep the bed simple; boat shaped bed or a platform style bed will add to the simplicity.
  • Use light-color wood flooring to make the bedroom more beach like and neutral.
  • Use printed curtains of soft translucent fabric for a warmer and breezy effect. Use texture rather than color to enhance the look.
  • Use earth-colored area rugs to define the bedroom space and give a rustic look.
  • Keep miniature palm plants to balance the accessories and give the bedroom a natural look.

Setting the right budget is important to evaluate how much money can be spent on designing the beach theme bedroom. A higher budget offers the flexibility to do intricate makeovers such as remodeling the room or changing the floor covering. On the other hand, a tighter budget can mean new window treatments or area rugs. It’s recommended to shop casually for the perfect accents to match the beach theme bedroom and not buy everything at once. Thus, spend some time outlining and designing the look and feel of the beach theme bedroom before purchasing the accessories and other decorative items.

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