Tips for Using Ceiling Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling lamps and lighting fixtures have as much to do with setting the mood of the room, how a home feels and appears, as the other interiors and furnishings. Different ceiling lamps and lighting fixtures are used to adorn the house as well as outset its appearance. Apart from fulfilling the basic purpose of lighting the house, different kinds of lamps and fixtures not just enhance the beauty of a room but also affix some special touches to the house. Now days, a variety of lighting fixtures and lamps are available in the market that cater to everyone’s needs based on savor, size, design, and spending capacity. Apart from lighting up the space, the lights and fixtures also play a major role in changing the mood of the people residing in the space. Lighting fixtures and lamps are used to adorn the house but if they are not chosen and used effectively based on the size and design requirements, they may result in sweet home disasters and waste of money.

Tips for using ceiling lamps and lighting fixtures:

  • Choose lamps according to the size and shape of the room. Ceiling lamps are installed on the walls and give a different effect to the room. Chandeliers, which are the first choice of almost all people, should be used for bigger areas of the living room. Although attractive and eye catchy, chandeliers are not recommended for homes with small living areas since they could potentially provide a clumsy look to the room.
  • Use even wash of lights on the wall as it will provide a larger look to the room.
  • Ceiling Lamps and Lighting Fixtures
    Ceiling Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

    Opt for lamps and fixtures with the energy star rating for higher efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Use hanging lamps to lighten game tables, kitchen areas, and work areas.
  • Avoid using huge lighting fixtures in homes with low ceilings; sleek fixtures make low ceilings appear higher.
  • Consider chandeliers, often considered as a decorative ornament, to give chic look to the living room and dining room area. A chandelier with a switch to control the intensity of light is preferable in order to manage the mood and ambience of a space.
  • Use multi-color bulbs to provide superior and vivacious lighting effect in the room.
  • Avoid using florescent lights in the bathroom; instead use ceiling fixtures that can provide tender illumination.
  • Avoid using high intensity ceiling lamps directly above the bed.
  • Use bright and vivid ceiling lamps and fixtures in the kitchen area because delicate and fragile actions are performed in kitchen.
  • Use extra light in the kitchen, workroom, and other spaces where skilled tasks are performed.
  • Pay close attention to the prices of lamps and lighting fixtures depending upon the spending capacity.

Different kinds of ceiling light fixtures serve a specific purpose from design and practicality point of view. Getting the right ceiling lamps and lighting fixtures is not only essential to perform the necessary day-to-day tasks but also required to accentuate the personal style of a home.

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