New Year is always looked upon by kids and adults as a day of enjoyment and party. People decorate their homes to welcome the New Year with full energy and enthusiasm. As New Year approaches, the mood is boosted by the mere idea of decorating the entire house with beautiful embellishments and decorative. Though lot of effort and time is spent in decorating the interior of the house but the exterior of the house should not be neglected as all passing neighbours may not necessarily enter your living area or house but they are sure to look at your exteriors or gardens. In order to create an impression and keep a upper foot among all your peers, it is very important that enough attention is given to details of outdoor new year’s decorations.

Before starting up with the garden decorations, the first and the foremost thing is to decide on a detailed plan of what needs to be done and achieved. If you are blessed with a garden, then you can perform decorating miracles with it. You can light up the entire garden with intricate strings of hundreds of light bulbs.

There are two broad ways of decorating your garden for the New Year’s Eve:

  • First is to have a random garden decoration using the items that you already have or acquire some decorating stuffs by spending the minimum like on lights, balloons and cake.
  • Second option is to have a themed based decoration. You can choose from a variety of themes that are commonly used for garden decorations or you can also use your own imagination and creativity to invent an entirely new theme. Mostly people opt for theme based decorations to random decorations as there is a surplus of options available.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to add something new in your garden, something interesting and fun, that will make your garden look different unique and interesting you can use some of this ideas:

  • To start with decorate the outdoor entrance gate of the house with garlands and flowers. This will give a welcoming feel to all your guests.
  • The initial step before starting the garden decoration is to mow the garden grass and get rid of all the wastes, dried leaves and scraps in the garden.
  • New Year theme colors like shades of blue, silver, white and gold can be used to decorate the garden. Decorating the garden with New Year color theme is a good idea to give your house a wonderful look.
  • Ornaments add another dimension to a landscape and give it year-round appeal.
  • Decorate the garden with shades of silver, white and gold as these colors will blend well with the green color of plants.
  • Use sparkles and glittery colors to bring up the mood of New Year. White can be used as a base color along with combination of other colors to intensify the flair of the overall decoration.
  • Decorate the entire garden space with colorful lights and balloons. You can also fill sparkles in balloons to provide a vibrant touch to the entire decoration.
  • Artificial as well as real flowers can be used and teamed well with the other plants in the garden. You can place stunning bouquets and different flower arrangements at the entrance of the garden.
  • If you are planning to throw a new years party in the garden then special attention should be paid on the decoration of the table and its centerpiece. The table at the center of the garden will form the heart of your garden decorations.
  • Champagne bottle along with champagne glasses, different flower arrangement and candle arrangement can be used as a centerpiece of the table. The table with a centerpiece will uplift the ambience of the garden.
  • Small pots or crystal vases with floating candles and petals can be placed all around the garden to give the feel of the occasion.
  • Decorating the garden with New Year printed balloons and ribbons will affix glamour to the garden decoration.
  • Colored lights should be used to decorate the entire garden. The center of the garden should be well and beautifully lighted, to provide a splendid look.
  • To charge up the mood this New Year you can hang various types of wind chimes around the garden and on the entrance gate. wind chimes of different styles and sizes are available in the market all over.
  • Since use of bells is one of the most popular concepts of New Year decoration, you can put some small pretty looking jingle bells around the garden or you can also hang them on branches of trees and plants.
  • To outperform the garden decorations on New Year, embellish your home plants and trees with bells, balloons and ribbons with sparkling lights on it.

These ideas will make your garden a special place this new year, where you and your guests will enjoy spending some time.

Have fun and have a very merry New Year!

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  1. I like the idea to stick with a theme when decorating your garden. I’ve been wanting to give our garden some more style and personality by adding different animals throughout the garden. It seems like a good way to help make our yard look friendly and inviting.

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