Vastu Points to Avoid

  1. Avoid using bright colours such as Red, Orange, Green and Purple for painting your house. This may increase the chances of sickness and bring in disaster. Do not keep too many Crystals, Clusters in your house. This also affects health and well being.
  2. Avoid keeping Water Fountain, Aquarium or any other source of water in your Bedroom. It will destroy your Health as well as Wealth. Avoid water paintings and pictures also. Water has to be dealt with great care.
  3. Another form of negative energy is Smell. Avoid smell which directly affects one’s mind. Use incense and oils of flowers in your house. This will help you to kill the negative energy.
  4. Avoid keeping your Mandir under any Beam or Cupboard or you will be always under stress.
  5. Avoid keeping heavy objects, dustbin and any kind of shoe rack in North East/North of your House. Always keep North East and North clean and light. Heaviness here will block your finances.
  6. Avoid keeping Bonsai and plants bearing red flowers in the house, because they will hamper the growth in a respective area of your life.
  7. Avoid facing South while cooking or your mind will be filled with negative thoughts.
  8. Avoid a South West entry to the house even if the cost of that particular house is very cheap.
  9. Avoid a place to sleep where your pets loves to rest. That place most probably has a problem of Geopathic Stress.
  10. Avoid giving a room to your servant which is in the South West of your house else the servant will dominate you.
  11. Avoid sleeping in front of the mirror. Or may be after some years it will lead to the surgery of that particular part of your body which is reflected in the mirror.
  12. Avoid keeping or hanging paintings of Mahabharata, Titanic, Sinking Boat in your house or office or it may cause never ending fights between a husband and a wife and problems in your business respectively.

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