Here are some easy and common vastu tips that everyone can follow without making big changes to their homes.

General Tips

  • While worshiping, keep your face towards North-West and sit in that corner to intake air from that direction
  • There should not be any broken glass or mirror in the house
  • A pond or a water body should be placed in Northeast corner of the house
  • Pictures of any war scenes, demons, one in anger should not be placed in the house
  • Wall Clock should not be hanged on top of the main entrance to your house
  • Ensure there is no heavy furniture right in the center of the house
  • Set your house furniture in the form of circle, square, or as octagon
  • Any kind of cactus or rubber plants or milk producing plants should not be planted or kept inside the house
  • Hinges of doors should be noise free.  The hinges may be greased periodically to get rid of noise
  • Ideal location for keeping cash is North or North-East of the home. South-West is said to be the direction of demons and cash or valuables shouldn’t be kept here
  • If any portion of the building is to be let out, it is preferable that the south portion should be occupied by the owner.


  • It is essential to get rid of all the unwanted stuff  & clutter (like old magazines, newspapers and unwanted stationary) from bedroom
  • While sleeping always place your head in south with the feet in north
  • Avoid sleeping on wrought iron/metal bed
  • Do not place your bed in front of the mirror. This helps avoid bad dreams
  • Setting television in the bedroom area is not recommended
  • Pictures of deity should not be hanged or placed in a married couples bedroom


  • Keeping medicines inside the kitchen attracts negative energies. Ensure that all medicines and other such unwanted stuff are removed from your kitchen
  • In the kitchen, the cooking gas & the washing sink should be maximum apart
  • Setting a mirror in the kitchen room is not recommended
  • Do not place the mops and brooms in the kitchen

Living Room

  • It is good to fix an image of bright sun in the southern wall of the living area
  • It is good to place the fish aquarium in the southeast corner in your living area
  • It is recommended to place/hang a large happy family photograph or picture inside your living room


  • It is good to keep the doors of your toilet and bathroom closed at all times
  • Try and place mirrors on the North or East Walls
  • Geyser should ideally be placed in South-east corner
  • Dirty linen/laundry should be kept in West of the bathroom
  • Suitable directions for keeping the washing machine are southeast and northwest


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