Elements of Vastu Shastra

Elements of Vastu Shastra – Lets Unveil The Hidden Facts

Vastu shastra is a very ancient art of construction of buildings and homes. It is a traditional Hindu science of constructing homes and offices according to some special principles. The principles are applied to most of the building and especially the temples that are constructed in India and other parts of the world. There are basically five elements that make up the science of vastu. If you also believe in this special science then it is important for you to get your home constructed accordingly. The principles of vastu teach us the ways through which we can correct and check the internal and external imbalances in order to create positive vibrations. This science has different set of rules for houses and offices facing different directions. Rules related to internal arrangements are also provided clearly.

You can also consult a good vastu consultancy as they would surely be able to provide you all the important information that you require. So, now let us discuss about the five basic elements of vastu namely earth, water, fire, air and space:


Air is considered to be one of the most important elements of vastu. Without this element the principles would be useless. This is the basic element that is related with our sense of hearing and touch. Air is made up of various gases and that is why there are various different materials involved together. Air is very essential for the living being to survive. There are various gases involved like nitrogen, helium, hydrogen and a combination of various other gases. Various principles stated down by vastu which relate to air and indicate its importance for our day to day life. The installation of ventilators, balconies, doors, windows and the structure of the building should be designed carefully while getting the building constructed. Vastu says that the air should always enter the building from the northeaster direction.


Elements of Vastu Shastra
Elements of Vastu Shastra

Water is another very important element without which we can not survive. It is one of the most important elements and 75% area of earth is covered with water. This special element is connected to our sense of touch, hearing, sight and also taste. Water is considered to be the most powerful element when compared with the other four. Vastu has some special rules according to which you can easily select where you want to place water bodies like wells, overhead water tanks, underground water tanks and reservoirs. In order to get the right balance you must follow all the vastu rules carefully.


Earth is known for its gravitational pull on all the living beings. It is one element of vastu that has the maximum amount of energy. Earth is the only element in vastu that is fully connected with all the senses that human beings possess. This element plays the most important role when it comes to vastu. One should always sleep with their head in the south as this would help increasing the maximum amount of energy.


Space is the 4th element of vastu shastra and it also plays a very important role in forming various rules. Space is usually related to the sense of hearing.  Space is very significant when it comes to open places. Your building should be constructed in a simple manner so that the maximum air can enter inside. Vastu has various rules regarding to the allotment of different areas or spaces.


Fire is the fifth element that is a source of light and heat energy. This element is basically related to sense of sound and touch and its main direction is towards the south east.  You will see that Vastu has made special rules on the placement of fire equipments like geysers, fireplace, kitchen stoves and others.

I am sure this article would help you in gaining all the important information that you require about the elements of Vastu.

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