Decorating your Living room in Monsoon

Monsoon is the best season of the year when you can experience a truly mesmerizing weather, soft blowing winds and heavy downpour. You really feel very light and refreshed during this wonderful season. This exotic season brings with it natural and vibrant colours that can truly mesmerize you.  You will see that when it comes decorating your home during this beautiful season then there are various things that you can try out. You can consult various magazines and journals to get a good idea about the decorative elements. You can also gather some amazing ideas for the internet where you would surely be provided some great suggestions about decorating the living room area with the monsoon colours.

During monsoon children tend to bring in a lot of mud and create a lot of mess. If you want to prevent your home from getting dirty and messy then you can to select colours and decorative elements that do not get dirty easily. In home décor shops and online websites, you would really be able to find various elements that would suit the monsoon ambiance to perfection. Some excellent tips and decoration ideas that you can use are mentioned below.

Selecting the colours for your living area

Selecting the colours for your living area is the most important thing that you need do to. There are certain most wonderful colours that you can pick out for the monsoon season. The best would be to try out the green and blue shades that would look perfect on your walls. These are the colours that are most closely associated with the monsoon season. I would like to tell you that if you want you can also tryout the delicate turquoise shade that would surely make your walls appear like an artistic creation. These are cool colours and you can paint your walls and ceilings with them without any difficulty. You must always avoid using shades that are too dark because during the monsoon months the ambiance is already very dark and gloomy outside. Light colours like white and cream should also be avoided because they would tend to get dirty easily. Some other vibrant colours that you can use are yellow, orange and red.

Curtains and drapes

Decorating your Living room in Monsoon
Decorating your Living room in Monsoon

Your living room area would live incomplete without the curtain and drapes therefore you must try to bring light materials in different shades and turn them into drapes and curtains of different designs. Make sure that the curtains that you purchase should have a good length and they should be in light colours. Light curtains can be used during the monsoon months but as they tend to get dirt easily you must avoid using them. The benefit of light colours and materials is that they help in illuminating your room with natural light. Everyone wants to experience the cool air and fresh ambiance during the monsoon months therefore installing the light material curtains would be the best accessory for you. Avoiding heavy drapes in dark colours would be beneficial for you during this season.

Flooring materials

One important accessory without which your living area is not complete is the carpet. You can also install various different coloured mats in the living area which are made of durable materials and vibrant colours. During the monsoon months, make sure that you vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. The moisture and dirt tends to seep in the carpets and mats during the rainy season therefore cleaning them regularly would ensure that you have clean and tidy living rooms. Do not use rugs that are made of heavy materials during this season because they tend to get mouldy and smelly. In place of the heavy rugs, you can consider install small and trendy looking mats that are light weight and you can change their position according to your needs and requirements. People who have wooden floors must try to protect them during the monsoon months.

Window treatments

During the rainy season, it is very important for you to get fresh air therefore you must have a good source of cross ventilation in your living area. If you have many windows in this area then you can consider getting them treated with different materials. Getting the windows treated help in giving additional height to the room. You can use window treatment materials that are in monsoon colours. Make sure that you use only the most durable materials for your window treatment otherwise your hard earned money would go to waste. Hire a professional worker who can provide you the treatment according to your needs and requirements.

Furniture items

During the rainy season the weather tends to get highly humid therefore people like spacious and airy living area. If you have installed a lot of furniture items in this room that are made of hard wood then you can consider replacing them with lighter furnishings just for the rainy season. Purchase decorative coverings, cushions and trimmings with which you can decorate your furniture. You can also consider installing materials that are made of glass. As glass has a reflective surface it would surely make your living area look extremely beautiful and trendy. You can also purchase pictures and flower vases with which the living rooms can be decorated.

Lights and fixtures

You can make your room look more airy and spacious with the help of special lights and fixtures. There are various decorative light fixtures that you can purchase according to the season. You will also get the fixtures in some of the most exotic colours that would surely be great for your interiors. The lights that you purchase should be able to illuminate the entire room.

These are some great suggestions and ideas that you can use for decorating your living area during the monsoon months.

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