Office Vastu Shastra teaches you many things with the help of which you would be able to construct a good office building that have good inflow of energy. The proper construction of your house is not the only important thing for you. It is also very important for you to get your office and shop constructed according to the Vastu principles. The guidelines would tell you about the correct placement and direction of the office premises. It is seen that different people regard different locations to be good for constructing the office building. It is seen that mostly north facing offices are selected because it is regarded that they bring wealth and prosperity. The site or the location that you select for the office construction should be absolutely free for any Vastu defects.

The construction of the office premises should be done keeping in mind all the vastu aspects. You will see that even a small wrong aspect can destroy the peace of your office. Some important elements of north facing offices are mentioned below.

Vastu for North Facing Office

  • The shape and the size of the offices are given special emphasis. It is seen that if the front width of the office is more than the rear end then this is considered to be a very positive aspect of the construction. You will see that four sided figures like a square or rectangle shape are considered to be the best for the office. You must never go for irregular or triangular shape as this is never good for the construction. The floor of the premises should always be kept clean as this would help in the progress of the firm.
  • You must always try to create a good ambiance in office as this would help you in many ways. We the environment is fresh and clean then the employees would work in the office for long hours without any complaints. Pay special attention to the lighting, seating and other office arrangements. The walls should be painted with soothing colours and make sure that the interior is decorated with beautiful decorative pieces and flowers.
  • North facing offices are considered to be very auspicious therefore you must make sure that the All the products, pamphlets, brochures and other items are displayed only in the lobby area.
  • Vastu for North Facing Office
    Vastu for North Facing Office

    The reception of the office should always be located in the north eastern direction. The north eastern corner of the office can also be used for placing the photos and statues of Gods which can decorate with flowers.

  • You must never have the restroom is the north eastern corner of the office as it hinders process can be very destructive for the prosperity and growth of your office.
  • The cabin or the personal space of the head of the organization or the manager should be in the southern or south west portion of the office. They can sit in the southwest portion facing the east direction.
  • In the south west corner of the office you can place a heavy safe in which all the important documents, papers and sheets can be stored. The files related to important projects can also be kept in the same safe. This would ensure the safety of the important assets of the company.
  • In the north facing offices the east and the north portion should be kept vacant and all efforts should be made to keep the centre of the office absolutely clean all the time.
  • There are various office equipments that should be kept in a particular place. You will see that the south east corner of the office is best for keeping equipments that generate energy. Some of the best devices that can be kept here are computer servers, electric meters, generators, power switch and other such elements.
  • The office lightings and ventilation system should be given special attention.

In order to achieve complete prosperity and wealth it is highly important for you to adapt your office according to the vastu guidelines.

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  1. I have a north facing office I plan to run a law firm in it. however it is at a t junction it is the meeting of three roads and right in front of my office is an open Road it is advisable to take that office or not.

  2. i have window in s-W direction behind my seat……… it ok?
    My husband seat is under beam…cannot change seat………can have other alternative?

    where to keep computer in office cabin

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