Vastu principles are regarded to be most appropriate and practical for the construction of different types of buildings whether they are offices, homes, shops and other commercial areas. You will see that offices are basically conducted to carry out work which can help in generating money. Irrespective of the size of the office building, you must always follow the Vastu principles for the construction process. The growth and appropriate functionality of the organization can only be achieved if the building provides positive vibrations to the employees. Different energy fields should be kept in mind when the Vastu principles are applied. The four directions should also be kept in mind before moving further with the construction process.

There are various different rules and regulations that need to be followed for south facing offices. A south facing location should be selected that must be free from any vastu defects. The complete layout and the office should be pre planned in order to get the desired results. So, now let me share with you some important vastu principles that should be kept in mind for south facing offices.

Vastu for South Facing Office

  • The south facing plot should always be in square or rectangular shape. You must avoid purchasing plots of irregular shapes as this can really be disastrous for your office area.
  • The negative zones like the west and the south can be used for the construction of heavy structures. Make sure that you leave open space in the north and the east portion of the office area. Make sure that the slop of the office floor should always be towards the northeast, east and north direction to ensure maximum prosperity.
  • The height and the shape of the building should be equally proportioned from all the four sides. The water bodies can be constructed in the eastern or the north eastern zone for maximum benefits. The tank that is constructed in the northeast zone is considered to be a very big vastu defect that should be avoided at all costs.
  • The stairways should never be constructed in the middle of the office, the appropriate direction of the construction is always the western or the southern part of the office.
  • Vastu for South Facing Office
    Vastu for South Facing Office

    The restrooms, bathrooms and toilets should always be located in theNorth Westor the western portion of the premises and the area should be kept cleaned all the times.

  • The head of the organizations and other managerial level people should be made to sit in the southern corner of the office. The west corner is also considered to be good the people should always sit with their face towards the north or the east direction. Only rectangular desks should be used by the top officials for their work.
  • The employees working in the office should not be made to sit directly below the beam of light. If the situation can not be avoided then the direct light source can be covered with a beam.
  • The centre portion of the office should never have any heavy structures and items placed in that position. The office should be painted only in soothing and light colours. Dark colours like black and brown should always be avoided. The doors and the windows should always be installed in the eastern or the northern portion of the office building.
  • The canteen where the staff members have their lunch should be located in the south eastern direction for better prosperity.
  • The employees should never park their vehicles on the road just outside the office as this hinders progress. The most appropriate parking location is the south west direction.
  • All the semi finished and finished goods should be stored in the east, south east or the northern portion of the office area. The north east direction should be avoided for the placement of such goods.

Well these are some very important things that need to be kept in mind while constructing south facing offices.

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