Feng Shui and Colors

Feng Shui Colors affect people physically, emotionally and psychologically.Colors play a very important role in human life and without colors the world seems very dull.

The significance of different colors in the life of people helps them to perform better at various aspects, thereby making their life comfortable.

White represents a fresh canvas and Black symbolises a clean state upon which we can create a picture with the colors below:

Significance of Colors

Red Red color represents wealth with regards to Feng Shui, so when red color is used in designated directions and locations, it brings wealth and prosperity.Red is stimulating and dominant, it reduces the size of rooms and increases the size of the objects.It is useful as an accent color.One can hang paintings of Feng Shui including red colors in order to take advantage of the positive vibrations. Similarly, gold and silver also represent wealth and these can also be used at designated places for enhancing wealth and prosperity. North East direction is considered as the wealth corner in homes where Feng Shui paintings can be positioned effortlessly. Red also represents joy, strength and motivation in the life, thereby helping people to grow up in life.It is not suitable for dining room, childrens room, kitchens or workshops.It is associated with warmth, prosperity and stimulation, but also shame,anger and hatred.

Yellow Yellow in Feng Shui is the medical or health color which makes people adaptive, increases their joy, enhances wisdom and makes them flexible.Yellow is associated with enlightenment and intellect, it stimulates the brain and aids digestion.Being a Feng Shui health color, it influences positively the human stomach, liver and middle back.Its positive qualities are optimism, reason and decisiveness, while its negative are craftiness, exaggeration and rigidity.Suitable for hallways and kitchen, but not for meditation rooms and bathrooms.This color brings inspiration and well being in one’s life.

Orange A powerful and cheerful color, orange encourages communication.Orange is associated with fire and fire represents fame and recognition. So paintings positioned in the south wall of homes with orange colors can prove beneficial to the people and bring in fame and recognition.Its positive qualities are happiness, concentration and intellect.In addition to this, creativity and ambition is also represented by the color orange.And its negative qualities are rebelliousness.Use in living or dining rooms and hallways, but not in small rooms or bedrooms.

Feng Shui And Colors
The Significance of Different Colors

Green Green and represent earth which corresponds to family and relationships.Green symbolizes growth, fertility and harmony.It is restful and refreshing.Its positive association are optimism, freedom and balance and its negative associations are envy and deceit.So having green color in the home or hanging Feng Shui paintings with green color in them can help to bring harmony in the family and relationships. Green is a healing color which also gives a soothing effect and releases all the tension.Good in therapy rooms, conservatories and bathrooms but not in family rooms, playrooms or studies.

Pink Pink is linked with purity of thoughts and has the positive associations of happiness and romance with no negatives.Pink is associated with innocence, Susana purity.Pink suited for the bedrooms, less suitable for bathrooms or kitchens.

Blue Blue is peaceful and soothing and is linked with spirituality, contemplation, mystery and patience.Its positive association are trust, faithfulness and stability.Blue color strengthens the communication and understanding power of the people. It also influences peace and tranquility and brings calmness in mind.Negative association are suspicion and melancholia.Blue can be used in meditation rooms, bedrooms, therapy rooms and as a means of enlarging spaces, but not in family rooms, dining rooms and studies.

Purple Encouraging vitality, purple is impressive, dignified and spiritual.Positive associations are excitement, passion and motivation.Negatives are mournfulness and force.It can be used in bedrooms or meditation space. Instead, this color is not used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Brown Brown is the color associated with the stability, weight and elegance.Its positive qualities are safety and elegance, while its negative qualities are dinginess, depression and aging.Chocolate can be used in the study. Should not be used in bedrooms.

White White symbolizes new beginnings, purity and innocence.Its positive qualities are cleanliness and freshness, its negative qualities are cold, lifelessness and starkness.White can be used in bedrooms and kitchens, should not be used in the dining room and child’s bedroom.

Black Black is independent and mysterious.Its positive qualities are intrigue, strength and allure, while negative qualities are death, darkness and evil.Often used in teenager’s room and in bedrooms.It should not be used in young childrens room, therapy rooms, studies and living rooms.


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