How To Get A Vintage Interior

What is a vintage?

‘Vintage’ refers to the years of 1940’s and 1950’s, an era of new hope and new beginnings. It is an era which most people can actually remember from the home of their grandparents or either from the childhood.

Vintage interior designing:

vintage inspired living room
Vintage Inspired Living Room

Vintage interior designing is one of the popular styles among people. It is a completely different and one of the least expensive styles. This type of designing gives an old, traditional and classic look to the interiors. It also creates a relaxed and a comfortable environment within the house. It gives a nostalgic feeling and looks to the interiors and recreates emotions and beautiful memories. This type of designing requires neither much effort nor any sort of pre-planning. It facilitates you to include all your favorite bits and pieces and styles, regardless of any designing rules and guidelines. Further, it helps in creating a home and style that is uniquely yours.

Vintage touch in interiors:

Following are few guidelines to give your home a vintage look. There are no strict rules or regulations which you have to follow. These guidelines would however, help you in giving few ideas to create a vintage look. You can also create your own ideas to give your interiors a unique style.

  • As earlier said that it is one of the inexpensive designing schemes, it is recommended to use old items to give the house a slightly worn look.  This would enhance the charm of unique and antique pieces in the house.
  • In vintage decorating scheme, it is essential that you use traditional style furniture only. As it was the era of wars and therefore people used to mend their furniture and use. Try to bring the same environment into your interiors. Feel free to mix and match all kinds of traditional furniture and give a traditional look to your home. Try coloring them with different colors and try to bring up a distressed and worn look by applying wax to edges and corners of the furniture. In this era people used to use handlooms to decorate their house. Therefore, search around for some old styled handlooms to give the same look.
  • Try using muted and wishy-washy tones for the walls. You can use light gray, or dull pink colors to give a vintage texture. Remember not to use any modern or fresh colors in your home as this would ruin the whole designing scheme.
  • You can use slip covers, cushions and covers. Make a bit effort in selecting the bed covers with those traditional designs – particularly typical floral designs. You can also use patchwork quilts – that is made from fabric remnants, and laces to create a warm atmosphere.
  • You can also use those pattered wallpaper and pretty fabrics to create a relaxed and comfortable environment within the house. Feel free to mix and match the patterns and fabrics to create a nostalgic feeling.
  • Use antique pieces like sculptures, traditional paintings for decoration purposes. Search for some old ornaments, pottery and porcelain figurines. These would help in creating traditional environment.
  • Display accessories like books and crockery items or any other collections on open shelves or glass fronted display shelves.
  • In the kitchen you can include enamel pots, egg baskets and flowery aprons. You can also use those unique shaped milk and water jars and tea pots to give a complete vintage texture in your home.


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